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Where are we with politeness? Health

Where are we with politeness?

Annie Gohier

Life coach, NLP Post-master

With the family reunions fast approaching, should we force our children to hug an old uncle, talk with an annoying cousin or repeat polite phrases over and over? Here’s an opportunity to assess it all!

October 8, 2018
The rules of prom Family life

The rules of prom

Sandra Paré

Public relations and protocol specialist

Prom is around the corner for those graduating high school. Are you stressed? Sandra Paré gives us a few tips so everything runs smoothly.

June 26, 2018
Do toys have a gender? Health

Do toys have a gender?

Solène Bourque


Here’s a delicate question if there ever was one, because it’s not only a trivial choice of toy for your child; it carries at much deeper meaning of personal and social values.

December 21, 2015