Overnight Sitters – What you need to know

It is getting to be that time of year – fun and festive but also “go go go” as you try to get your projects at work done before year end, host family meals and festivities, go shopping and toast to the year behind and the year ahead at parties, parties, parties!

We have found that childcare needs can change slightly over this coming period, particularly with an increased need for nannies and babysitters to stay overnight at your house. Whilst making these types of arrangements might be usual for those who work night shifts or parents, households with two working parents who both travel or parents of new-borns who arranged full-time in-home help for a period, but for the rest of us, it raises questions!

First, you will want to follow the approach to finding a day nanny or babysitter; check out some of our posts about this: Five things to consider when hiring a new nanny and 5 tips for hiring the best babysitter.

But you will also want to think through some additional considerations for the overnight situations:

Your children's age and needs

Do your kids sleep through the night or will this be an active night of work for your nanny or babysitter? What do you need to share about the nocturnal routine in your household?

Sleeping Arrangements

Have you organized a clean and comfortable place for nanny or babysitter to sleep and set themselves up? Have you considered how meals will be handled over the period you are away?

How much should you pay for this type of support?

There are different views on this and you should agree with your nanny or babysitter in advance so there are no surprises. Different approaches include: paying the same rate per night as day, paying a reduced rate during “sleeping hours” with normal pay for any periods in the night when work is required; and a flat rate for overnights. Don’t forget to check the rules for overtime work in your province.

How to find a nanny or babysitter for overnight stays

You’ve come to the right place! Use to gain access to qualified nannies and babysitters in your local area for both daytime and nighttime support!

We hope this helps get you started on making your arrangements for overnight help in your home.

Nighty Night!

Paulina Podgorska
Founder of

Like most women, Paulina wears many hats.  She is a mother, she is an entrepreneur, she is an at home child care expert.  This vocation manifested at an early age when she started being a full time nanny for her baby brother.  Later on, she used her experience to work as a babysitter while in college.  She then became a Mom and started to look for child care providers. Being a single mother, finding the right at home baby sitter was critical to her.  This quest for the perfect nanny gave her the opportunity to meet and work with numerous nannies and  babysitters and further develop her expertise. Realizing that finding the right nanny or babysitter turned too often into an obstacle course, Paulina created, an on line service where parents and local in-home sitters connect, that’s fast, efficient and affordable. Through, Paulina leverages her expertise to help families find the local help they need, when they need it.  The site gives parents the opportunity to use their own criteria to search through a large database of detailed profiles of local nannies and babysitters that have been reviewed by mothers. Paulina also has a blog where she shares advice to help families through the selection and hiring process of a babysitter or nanny.  She also describes on her blog her adventures as a mom entrepreneur and founder of SOSsitter.

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