Our partners

The collaboration of Mamanpourlavie.com's partners is essential to its growth. We wish to underline the trust and confidence our collaborators bestow upon us, and their sincere desire to take part in the promotion and development of a positive vision about the family in all of its modernity, and also contribute to the distribution of information and tools for new and future families. Each Mamanpourlavie.compartner is a company or organization supported by Mamanpourlavie.com mothers. We have used and will continue to use the products and services of all of these companies that we are pleased to present to you.

Advertising partners

Mamanpourlavie.com est fier de pouvoir compter sur ces partenaires publicitaires pour assurer sa pérennité.

  • Laboratoire Boiron
  • Mère Hélène
  • Ziraf inc.
  • Zoo de Granby

Community Partners

Mariane Chenail and Francine Laplante, cofounders of Motherforlife.com, are directly involved in the Fondation des Gouverneurs de l'espoir, which they wish to introduce you to through their portal.

Au fil des ans, Mamanpourlavie.com a également soutenu périodiquement divers causes et organismes

  • Fondation des Gouverneurs de l’espoir
  • OXFAM Québec
  • Fondation pour l'alphabétisation
  • Dispensaire diététique de Montréal