Fashion tips for plus size women

You can feel beautiful and attractive no matter what size you are. When you’re a plus-size, it’s all a question of cuts, fabrics and proportions! Here’s a little advice from Nadine Joannette.

Here are some tips to follow if you carry a little extra weight before, during or after pregnancy.

Basic rules
  • You must absolutely pick the right size! Clothes that are too tight will only put trouble areas in the spotlight. An outfit that is too big will also completely hide your womanly curves and make you look larger.
  • Accessories are a must to give your outfit style and personality. However, make sure not to overdo it. Each outfit should have one accessory as a focus point. For example, avoid wearing a bold bracelet, a layered necklace and large earrings all at the same time. Here is an example of what you could wear according to what is in style this season: wide-leg black trousers with a charcoal cardigan left unbuttoned over a white empire waist blouse with plum-coloured heels. In this outfit, the shoes become the accessory. 
  • Curvy women often wear black because they believe it’s slimming. The truth is that it’s all about proportions. The right cut in the right fabric and in harmony with your silhouette is essential. A monochrome outfit can also be interesting to look elegant and make your silhouette appear slimmer. Remember that wearing colours near your face will draw people’s attention to your eyes and smile.
  • Yes to open and wide necklines such as V necks, which create the illusion of a longer torso thereby reduce the chest’s size.
  • Opt for layering by wearing a camisole under your top if it’s too plunging; this is the perfect way to add style and even colour to your outfit.
  • Yes to wrap tops: their asymmetry softens curves and is very flattering to the silhouette. You can find this style in blouses, knitwear and dresses.
  • Yes to slightly bell-shaped sleeves. They will have a slimming effect on your arms.
  • Yes to empire waists: beware, the horizontal seam must hit at the right place under your bust line and not across it! This cut is very interesting since it allows you to hide extra tummy weight by elongating the torso. This cut is perfect for blouses since they do not have buttons, therefore avoiding unsightly folds.
Skirts and pants

Yes to regular-waist (neither too high nor too low) pants and skirts. Very high waists shorten the torso  and consequently amplify the hips’ volume. Low waists offer no support for your stomach.


Choose drapey and high-quality fabrics. Comfort is an important asset to feeling good in your clothes. Look for stretch fabrics made primarily of natural fibres. Remember that shiny fabrics amplify small flaws and require a more pronounced makeup to look good.

  • Yes to high heels because they make the calves look slimmer. But remember that the heel’s width should be proportionate to your silhouette! Try to avoid stilettos, which are quite uncomfortable anyways!
  • Opaque tights paired with same-coloured shoes lengthen and slim the leg.

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