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General Statement

Protecting your privacy is important to We deserve your trust and want to ensure it follows an excellent knowledge and understanding of what you agreed on when, you visit our website, you register as a member or you perform a transaction with

Your personal information, ie information about you as an individual and which identifies you (eg name, home address, personal email address, home telephone number or personal cell) are valuable. Collecting this information allows us to offer products and services that interest you, to respond promptly and appropriately to your needs and, in partnership with you to continually improve our contribution to your quality of life.

For example, the more you will complete your member profile, more features can serve you. The data in your pregnancy, age of your children, your age and residence are all information that help us determine your preference for article, other Members of like you and with whom you might want to get in contact, the activities we can offer you, etc.

Although it is not our intention to change frequently or substantially the practices described below, it could happen that we do to better serve you in the future or in view of the evoluting technology. That's why we invite you to review the content regularly.

Our politic on personnal information policy to manage the collect, use and disclosure of personal information in accordance with standards outlined in Privacy and Electronic Documents Act. In certain circumstances, personal information may be collected, used or disclosed without the knowledge of the person concerned or without her consent. These exceptions include, but are not limited to personal information collected for legal purposes, security or for detecting and preventing fraud.

  1. Responsible persons at monitoring of this policy

    All employees at are responsible of policy and practices regarding management of personal information.

  2. Complaint regarding the implementation of this policy and practices related

    Any request or complaint regarding the implementation of this policy may be addressed at in the following section Contact us.

  3. Obtaining consent obtains your consent to the collection, use and disclosure of personal information freely registered in the member profile, with some exceptions under the law.

  4. Limit uses and disclosures of personal information use and disclose personnal information only for the purpose for which they were collected, unless provided with your consent or as permitted by law

  5. Protecting personnal information protect by security measures appropriate to the circumstances, the personal information entrusted to him.

    Information relating to your children, except their name and age, are strictly confidential. Regarding their name and age , it's up to you whether you want them to be public, available for your friends or completely private.

    You can also determin the level of privacy of your photo albums, of your pregnancy and of your personal information.

    Note that all reviews you write in response to an article, video or test bench, along with all the comments you write in the Forum or in the personal page of a friend, is automatically display in your personal profile in the column my comments and this is visible to all user by default. We invite you to carefully consider your comments and the consequences of their posting.

  6. Access to personal information about you and allow correction allows you, subject to conditions and exceptions under the law, access to personal information about you that holds. All personal information about you is available in your member profile and can be modified or removed at any time. The deletion of your user account is final.

  7. Use of information by third parties will not disclose personal information collected to any third party. However, it is possible that uses this information for research or statistics. In these circumstances, the transmission of such research or statistics do not disclose your identity or personal information. manages all direct marketing campaigns that are conducted on its website. We do not share any personal information to third parties for such purposes.


If you are under 18, please obtain permission from a parent or guardian before providing any personal information. If you are a parent, we also encourage you to review your child's Internet usage.

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