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Teaching kids to tie their shoes

Your child is now in school and you would like to teach them to tie their shoes with strong bowties that will withhold the running, but can be easily undone later. Here are a few tips to help teach them!

Family life

8 Tips to simplify your life

We often wake up in the morning feeling tired from the previous day and stressed out at the idea of having to face another one. Although we always seem to get through it, we still wish for things to change!


Tame winter

Skiing, seeing your breath, snowflakes, cute mittens and silent nights… Winter is not that bad after all.


Things to do to keep your heart healthy

Did you know that cardiovascular diseases are a leading cause of death in Canada and the first cause of death for women? Here are some little things you can do daily to keep your heart healthy and strong!


10 ways to improve your diet

We are always looking for ways to change our lifestyle, so we can improve our health (or our waistline!). Here are 10 ways you can improve your diet!

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