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Tonsillitis, laryngitis and loss of voice

Because we're all used to getting colds during the winter, we never tend to worry too much about them. But once they develop into tonsillitis or laryngitis, it's time to worry and head to the doctor's office.


What is love, mom?

Love is many things and you will know what it is when you see it. Is that a good explanation? No? Let’s try harder...



Have you been noticing your child trip over their words? They seem to be getting stuck... why? How can we help? The causes of stuttering remain obscure but even though there is no cure, it can be controlled.


Trying to conceive

Have you ever experienced the disappointment of not being able to get pregnant? Once, twice, three times? The desire to have a child is so intense that it makes the waiting period unbearable. Just remember to never lose hope.

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The father-daughter relationship Dad

The father-daughter relationship

Martine Jouffroy Valton


The father-daughter relationship is very special and constantly evolves. From the age of 3, the father has an influence on his daughter’s gender definition and, later in life, her role as a mother. Keep reading for a zoom into this father-daughter relationship.

February 18, 2019