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Entering the world in peace & quiet

Giving birth naturally with the support of a midwife in a safe, quiet, and warm environment is a unique experience. In a place well suited to welcoming a new life. That has been the mission of the Maison de naissance du Lac-Saint-Louis Birth Centre for 25 years now.


Best Christmas planning tips

Do you feel like you’re running around like a crazy woman and still can’t get to Christmas in time, like everyone else? Professional organizer Caroline Rochon shares her best tips to plan Christmas!


Spending less this Christmas

Rest assured: it is possible to have a great family Christmas without spending all your savings. The Holidays are a good opportunity to start using wise tricks to spend less!


10 fun recipes for kids

To vary your activities without spending a fortune, here are ten fun recipes worthy of a chemistry lab. Get ready; you are about to make play dough, slime and salty dough.

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Surviving the Holidays! Activities

Surviving the Holidays!

As much as some people look forward to the holiday season, others associate it with exhaustion. How can we all survive the holidays?

November 30, 2020