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15 signs of new mom exhaustion

Almost all parents suffer from fatigue, we all know that! That fatigue often makes them do silly things and forget stuff. And… What were we talking about just then?


Helping your child adapt to school

Starting school, or even going back to school, every September, represents an important moment in your child’s life. Here are some ways in which your child can learn to adapt to school.


My child stresses over school

Does your child whines every morning before leaving for school? Do they make up crazy stories to avoid doing homework? What if your child is feeling stressed out about going to school?


Setting bedtimes during the school year

During the summertime, we tend to be more permissive about our children's sleeping schedule. But once the school year begins, we must set bedtimes for our children. Adequate sleep is the best way to keep children concentrated, in shape and in a good mood; ready to face a full day of school!


10 mom tips to stay zen during back-to-school

What's better than moms helping moms to overcome the challenges of everyday life! That's why we asked the great moms in our community to share their best advice for us to stay calm as we get back into the groove of school!


How to: 10 tips to surviving homework

Back to school period hits us all like a ton of bricks. It doesn't just affect your child! We have to help with homework, wash the uniforms, get all the right supplies ready, and the list goes on. Here are 10 strategies to survive the few first weeks and how to get back into the routine.

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Extracurricular arts Hobbies

Extracurricular arts

Karine Michon

Musician, teacher and lecturer

To make school sound like fun, why don’t you look for an extracurricular activity? Let’s take a look at activities that focus on arts.

September 14, 2020