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Washing your hands can be fun!

The COVID-19 crisis has caused many changes in all of our lives. The most important one being how often we now wash our hands. We have never washed our hands and told our children to do the same so frequently! Why not be creative in order to make this gesture more fun.


Learning to ride a bicycle

You can imagine your hand leaving his bicycle in slow motion and sending him to… a fall? Of course not! You are offering him freedom… it is indeed a big day!

Family life

COVID-19 - Parents are heroes too!

Being a parent during this pandemic is not easy. You are all living different situations and you all have your own challenges and fears. But you also all have something in common: you are your children’s heroes!


My baby refuses to eat

What can be done when our children refuse to consume anything other than milk ? Baby-led weaning is a good alternative option if food diversification doesn’t do the trick.  

Our specialists

Say YES as often as you can! Health

Say YES as often as you can!

Brigitte Racine

Nurse and Psychotherapist

If “no” is necessary for children and teenagers, it remains a word to be used in moderation because it can bring on a feeling of helplessness in children. What if you told them yes instead?

May 11, 2020

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