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10 great places to discover nature

Are you looking for new vacation activities to entertain your children? How about a place that will satisfy their curiosity? You will bring them back home filled with amazing discoveries about animals and plants.


Entertaining kids on the road

Vacations are known for their long road trips and children aren’t known for their patience! Here are some tips on how to entertain your kids on the road and make your trips more enjoyable!


Family outings at the park

The sun is shining, you managed to sleep in and now you are looking for something to do with your children… It sounds like the perfect day to go to the park.


The swimmer’s ear

Your child, the little fish, oozes out of the water with a throbbing pain in their ear. They probably developed swimmer’s ear and it should be treated immediately. It could also be prevented!


Don’t let baby get too hot

We do everything we can to ensure they’re comfortable, sometimes we even go a little overboard! Here is some information to remember to make sure baby doesn’t get too hot!


Prevention of childhood drowning

Children aged 1 to 4 years old represent the highest mortality rate by drowning in Canada. Furthermore, for each drowning, almost 5 cases require hospitalization for near drowning.

Family life

Enjoy your free time

You have an hour in front of you with nothing to do? Sometimes, we get so caught up in what we have to do, that we forget what to do when we have nothing to do! Here are some ideas!

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Say no to physical punishment! Dad

Say no to physical punishment!

Nancy Doyon

Family Coach

Recently, the press published the results of a recent study that established a link between increased aggressiveness in children and the use of corporal punishment by parents.

August 5, 2019