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How to: 10 tips to surviving homework

Back to school period hits us all like a ton of bricks. It doesn't just affect your child! We have to help with homework, wash the uniforms, get all the right supplies ready, and the list goes on. Here are 10 strategies to survive the few first weeks and how to get back into the routine.


How kids adapt to starting school

Your baby's all grown up and starting kindergarten. You're proud, but you also notice that they have started developing some unsettling behaviours. Keep reading to learn more about how kids adjust to school and peer influences!


10 mom tips to stay zen during back-to-school

What's better than moms helping moms to overcome the challenges of everyday life! That's why we asked the great moms in our community to share their best advice for us to stay calm as we get back into the groove of school!


Eating breakfast improves learning!

Is breakfast a part of your children's routine? The first meal of the day is very important for all members of your family so you can start the day on the right foot!


20 plants to be wary about

We love our plants and flowers with all their beautiful colors! They add life to our décor and freshen the air. But are they all safe for the kids? Here are a few plants that should be placed on the top shelf…

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The "Caillou's mom" myth

Nancy Doyon

Family Coach

A good mother is sympathetic, gentle and always patient. She never gets angry, always has time for her children and sacrifices her own happiness for her family’s benefit... Really?

September 9, 2019