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Nudity and modesty

A young child running around naked, a breastfeeding mom who shows her breasts a lot more than she used to, a father running out of the shower. How should we deal with nudity?


Valentine's Day: what's all the fuss about?

As we close the page on January, we should collectively welcome February and all it has to offer. Fun fact! Because it has only 28 days, and though it is rare, it can pass without ever having a full moon... and this is the case in 2018! After 19 years, we once again won't see a full moon in February.


Valentine’s Day gift ideas

Valentine’s Day gives us an excuse to be pampered by the ones we love. Here are some little treats to give to your loved ones in honour of Valentine’s Day.


Fun crafts for Valentine’s Day!

Handmade gifts are just as popular as the ones you can get in a store. Encourage your kids to get crafty and make a nice present or decoration to celebrate Valentine’s Day!


Let’s feel better about ourselves

If you constantly wonder "Am I good enough?", you must work on your self-esteem. It is unhealthy to live under such pressure and you will see significant changes in your life once you learn to believe in yourself!

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Kids' love stories Child

Kids' love stories

Solène Bourque


Most children will experience at least one « love story » before reaching puberty. What about your child? Have they already had a first love?

February 11, 2019