The big question:

The greatest illusion of moms

Believing that motherhood is a project like any other where it is possible to plan and organize things according to their wishes.

What moms mix up

They confuse the love they have for their child and the role of a mom. That's why they often confide in saying, "I love my child, but..." Loving your child and loving the requirements of motherhood are two very different things. Acknowledging that being a mom is demanding does not affect the love of a mom for her child.

What moms should celebrate

On each one of their child’s birthdays, moms should also celebrate their progress and be very proud of themselves!

What moms dread

They are afraid to be judged as bad moms or as inadequate. Still, they compare and judge themselves harshly!

What moms are struggling to forgive

Moments of impatience with their children.

What moms neglect

They neglect their emotional well-being by being afraid of talking about the challenges they face! They also trivialize and rationalize their feelings.

The biggest challenge of moms

Continuing to exist as people by honoring their own needs and desires.

The biggest dream of moms

Moms want their children to become accomplished and confident adults!

The pride of moms

Their children.

What moms should remember

They should remember that they are still learning and will make mistakes, but they can fix them.

What moms need

They need to take time to talk about their experiences, to soothe and reassure themselves in order to give the best of themselves.

What I know about moms

They feel reassured, guided, accompanied and recognized when they have genuine interactions with other moms! If you want to experience this, visit my website for more information about focus groups, workshops, and conferences.

Isabelle Dagenais
Lecturer on mother’s well-being

Since the birth of her first daughter, Isabelle Dagenais has chosen to use her knowledge as a sex therapist and social worker and put it to use to help mothers. She has created Lecture/Workshops “Être maman” to help mothers with their emotional, social and sexual well-being. For more information on her lectures and workshops, visit her website.

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