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Annie Gohier

Life coach, NLP Post-master

Where are we with politeness?

With the family reunions fast approaching, should we force our children to hug an old uncle, talk with an annoying cousin or repeat polite phrases over and over? Here’s an opportunity to assess it all!

Dental Flare-Ups

Even if inevitable, the teething period is still a difficult time to live through! Fortunately, there are natural solutions to relieve your baby ...

Fashion tips for plus size women

You can feel beautiful and attractive no matter what size you are. When you’re a plus-size, it’s all a question of cuts, fabrics and proportions! Here’s a little advice from Nadine Joannette.

Valérie Laberge

Family Law Lawyer - Shared Custody Specialist

Shared custody - Many ways to handle it

Shared custody is an increasingly popular arrangement for separating families. It has the advantage of allowing the child to benefit from maximum contact with their parents, in their interest.