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Joëlle Malenfant


Tummy time play

The arrival of a newborn comes with many questions. One that comes back often is whether or not we should put our baby on their belly.

Joëlle Ménard

Laurentian Bank Director, Granby

Steps to buying a house

Are you finally ready to buy a house? Before you throw yourself into house hunting and making important decisions, take some time to think.

Karine Michon

Musician, teacher and lecturer

Extracurricular arts

To make school sound like fun, why don’t you look for an extracurricular activity? Let’s take a look at activities that focus on arts.

Sandra Paré

Public relations and protocol specialist

Young but polite!

When should we start teaching good manners and etiquette to our children and when will they be able to apply them? Here are some answers for you!