Let’s feel better about ourselves

Professional performance

Appearance is not the only factor that undermines self-esteem: many studies have shown that women have a more negative perception of their professional perspective. We would be more tempted to devalue ourselves by fear of being rejected, even when we are doing well! Women think that they must make more efforts than men in order to achieve the same contest, according to a little in-house survey conducted at Motherforlife.com.

The roots of self-esteem

Self-esteem is influenced by many factors such as emotional stability and a will to control our lives. But most importantly, it has its roots in our past.

How come women self-criticize in spite of all the successes in their lives (love, work and, family)? Yves Dalpé believes that self-esteem begins to build during childhood. “If her childhood has been tainted by failure or high expectations, a woman will find it hard to appreciate and value her current success. Incidentally, she will be unable to compensate for this old feeling of failure.”

Women who received their education from perfectionist parents often have low self-esteem. Parents who overprotect their children also become an obstacle to the development of their skills, one of the pillars that shape self-esteem.

Rate your self-esteem…

Here is a little test that will allow you to rate your self-esteem. (From Netdoctor.co.uk)

Improve your self-esteem…

  • Complete tasks that make you feel good about yourself;
  • Try new activities;
  • Engage in little innovative projects;
  • Get rid of habits that make you unhappy;
  • React to frustration: don’t let it undermine your morale.
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