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10 common mistakes mothers make

Did you just make a blunder? There is probably some of your education and a lot of goodwill in your mistakes as a young mom. Don’t worry!

Say no to a young child without compromising

“Don’t touch that”, “Don’t go there”, “Don’t do that”… We forbid, we prohibit and we ban so much that it is impossible to count how many times our children are turned down in a day.

The problem with that is because your children will constantly be hearing the word "no", they will eventually answer back with "no" too. It could worsen their ‘no’ phase.

However, that doesn't mean we should stop forbidding either! It's preferable to give our child some options. For example, if you forbid them from playing with a glass bowl on a shelf, tell them they can still play with the plastic containers!

You must give the impression that your child still has some control over their life”, says Solene Bourque.