10 ways moms get distracted on the road

What is this “Baby on board” sign all about? Is it protecting us from bad drivers or is it the other way around? Because we enjoy laughing at ourselves, we wrote this list of common distractions that make us moms awful drivers.

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Catching a snack

Snacks help them appreciate the ride but you still need to find those snacks. How many of you know exactly how it feels to drive with one hand, look at the road at the same time and touch around the ice packs to find something interesting to eat?

Finding, grabbing and cleaning a pacifier

Of course, when your baby spits his pacifier, it has to fall on the floor. And if it is the only one that you have, you will have to stretch your arm, find it, kind of rinse it (in your mouth?) and give it back… without leaving the wheel!

Radio, heater and electric windows

When children insist to change the radio station, adjust the temperature and when they play with their window (and turn your car into an helicopter), we can’t say that the driver is super focused.

Stop arguments and screams

“GIVE ME THAT!!!!!” “NOOOO IIIIT’S MIIIIINE!!!!” “Mom! He’s staring at me!” That’s another superb way of distracting you when you drive. You can either focus on the road and on the voice of your favourite radio host or try a powerful “That’s enough!” and hope for some calm… before the next storm.

The back of your head

Isn’t it already bad enough to drive in traffic while avoiding taxis passing on the right and to refrain yourself from swearing in front of the kids without being kicked behind the head? Flying objects are another hazard. If you want to drive safely, you should set a rule in your car: balls, swords and paper planes stay on the floor until the car stops!

Sick child

Hearing a child vomiting on the backseat induces a state of panic that is hard to beat. You think about your poor child that must feel terrible, the smell that could make others sick as well, the cleaning products that you don’t have and the distance left. You think about all that in ten seconds and that’s a long time considering that you are still driving.

« Mom? Mom? Look! Look mom! Mooooooooom!!! »

Look! Can’t you see they’re being funny? Even when we don’t look, we must admit that a child seeking attention is slightly worsening our driving skills.

Looking behind to see if everything is okay

A strange silence, arms coming out of the window and whispers are all good reasons to turn around and find out what is going on.

Crosswords, games and homework

Finding an eight-letters word that starts with an F, the first song released by Brian Adams and a square root can be more fun than a speed limit and blind spots. That’s another reason that makes you a bad driver.


Oops? Oops what? Oops you broke something? If that “oops” is really bad, your children won’t tell you what it is. What will you want to do then? You’ll want to turn around and find out…

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