The role of fathers

Not easy for everyone!

Some dads find it difficult to take their rightful place, even if they would like to. The bond between a mother and her child is very strong. Breastfeeding, taking a maternity leave and carrying their child for 9 months creates something very powerful. Some moms also have a hard leaving room for their spouse to take their place. It is often unconscious, but unwittingly, they push their spouse away from their child. They tend to take up all the space, want to have things done their way, believe that their partner will not be able to do things and, that is how dads get away and do not take their rightful place.

The father's place is paramount in the development of a child. A child needs markers can only come from the father.

The physical and active presence of fathers with children prepares them more effectively and quickly to venture into the outside world than a mother would. They help them fend for themselves, gain recognition and acceptance in a group of children and to integrate the rules of collective life.

Therefore, "new fathers" have an energizing action in the early years of their child's life, helping to bridge the gap between assertiveness in the family and assertiveness elsewhere.

This is the revolution of the dads (and granddads) and we are very proud as mothers! We must learn to let go, to understand that even if the diaper is not attached correctly, even if our children did not eat vegetables with their meal, even if they have not taken a bath, it’s not the end of the world. Hurrah for present dads, hurrah for loving dads!

Véronique Gauvin

As for many moms, it was after my first pregnancy that my outlook on life has changed. Then, I knew that I really wanted to get into this adventure of motherhood! I went back to school to develop my practical training with a doula and was hooked. For me it was a new adventure that began. I also did my "basic" level in NLP and am currently training as "coach". Helping others is part of me; it is my life! Today, I have two wonderful children and I wish more than ever to share my contagious passion! In 2011, I founded the Toi et Moi Centre de Maternité, a maternity centre located in Laval that is dedicated to supporting women and their families! 

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