The role of fathers

In the past, mothers and fathers had specific roles and there was no way anyone could have acted against the norm.

It was the mother who was in charge of everything family and children related. She was responsible for education, nutrition, health, discipline and even affection!

The place of a father was in the fields, in a factory, or on construction sites. His role was to earn money for the family, to 'put bread on the table'. The father was a provider, the chief of the family. He represented authority. Times have changed: the role of fathers is different nowadays. Modern men are much more involved in their children’s lives. It is with pride that fathers now team up with mothers to raise and love their children!

Let’s take a closer look

Let’s go back in time. A few years ago, fathers were not allowed in the delivery room, they had to wait in another room until their baby was born. Today not only is he allowed in the room, but he can also touch the baby as he is coming out and help the doctor! Nowadays, having our husband with us during birth is so appropriate that mothers could not even imagine a delivery without him. Not so long ago, a father could not even consider taking a parental leave! Today, it is common to do so.

Does it mean that the fathers of old were not interested in taking care of their children? I wouldn’t say that! Their society and even more their religion was everywhere and dictated them what to do and how to do it. The Church would have judged fathers so it was best for them to follow the movement.

Today, our society has changed and evolved, we do not let anyone dictate what to do or how to do things any longer. Fathers are eager to be present with their children and this is what they do! And most of them do it perfectly!


Today, it is with pride and honour that dads take their place in their children’s lives. Upon leaving the hospital, you can see dads pushing the stroller with their head held high, as if they were proudly carrying a hard-earned trophy! They are so beautiful to see! It is not uncommon to see them wearing a sling at the mall or at the park! Today’s dads change diapers, give bottles, get up at night, go to the doctor’s office, give baths, play at the park and even more. They are proud and happy to share these beautiful moments with their little ones. They enjoy beautiful moments that will not come back, so many precious moments!

Today's dads are present and involved, they work fewer hours than before and have more time for their families. They know the importance of time and the importance of their role in the life of their child.

The Grandpa phenomenon

It is not rare to see these dads that have not been able to live all those beautiful moments, catch up with their grandchildren! How many times have you heard "Wow! My father never did that with me!" We see them roll in the grass, cuddling and kissing, going to the park, making huts and even serving tea to their granddaughters! It’s as if they dared to reclaim the moments they lost with their own children through their grandchildren. It's so nice to see a grandpa teaching his grandson to ride a bike, or playing with his baby granddaughter!

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