10 New Year's resolutions


Organization is often the solution to many problems! Develop projects that you are passionate about and plan the different steps you’ll have to follow to achieve them. You will soon see that every goal is within reach with a little planning!

A healthy lifestyle

You’ve promised yourself for years that you were going to sign up for gym and start dieting to lose those extra pounds. Why not just make yourself the promise to finally take your life in hand, without any radical changes overnight? Go at your own pace, reduce your stress, visit a nutritionist and start taking daily walks. Only increase your effort when you feel ready, that way you won’t get discouraged because you’re trying to go too fast.

Spend more time with your family

Most parents say it too often: we don’t have enough time with the kids after school, work, house chores and everything else. But there are small ways to spend quality time together without ignoring our responsibilities. Invite them to participate in house chores, arrange your schedule to make time for family time, make an outing a learning experience, etc.!

Make yourself a priority

You never have time to see your friends because your schedule is about to burst. You don’t even think to look at when those belly dancing classes you’ve wanted to take because you don’t have one minute to lose. If you continue this way, very soon you’ll exist only for others. Remember that the happier you are, everyone around you will feel it and be positively affected. So don’t wait a minute more to do what makes you happy!

Give yourself rewards

That’s not a resolution you say? We spend our lives trying to reach perfection yet never think to reward ourselves of our constant efforts. We might have a better perception of our daily lives if we took the time to treat ourselves from time to time to balance it all out!

The environment

You find that you’re not doing enough for the environment but don’t know where to start to reduce your environmental footprint? You don’t need to radically change your lifestyle, but you can make several small changes that will have a positive impact in the long run. Recycle, buy local when you can, learn to make your own compost or carpool to work. Looking for something different? Try one of David Suzuki’s challenges, who help you transform your home, workplace and community into a healthier and more sustainable environment one step at a time.

Forget what others say about you

Most of us spend too much time trying to project an image of ourselves and our lives that we think meets the expectations of those around us. The result is that we end up hiding who we really are for fear of damaging that image of the perfect life we long for. The best thing you can do for yourself is to be genuine and respect your individuality. Enjoy your mistakes for what they are: a constant learning experience.

Make friends at the office

Your work atmosphere is stressing you out and you can’t wait to finally come home? Instead of participating in the gossip and encouraging that negative energy, try to concentrate on positive things instead. You could try inviting your colleagues for a lunch to build relationships and get to know them better. Your colleagues should be your allies rather than your enemies.

Help people

You don’t have to spend your weekend cooking for Meals on Wheels to be socially engaged. Give away old toys, books or clothes to your local churches or libraries so they can benefit people who really need them. A friend of yours has troubles making ends meet? Make a simple comforting meal to help. There are plenty of ways to give back!

Learn something new

Have you always wanted to learn a new language or develop your painting technique? Stop procrastinating and finally take the opportunity to expand your range of talents and passions!

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