Time for resolutions!

January is the month of big resolutions, the time of year when you think about what you want for the new year. Did you make your list?

Health is not a gift, but something each person is responsible for through his or her own daily effort." - Ryuseki Nakayama

Health is what you should hope for and consider. There are various ways to improve your fitness while still having fun!

What are the benefits of physical activity?

Regular physical activity, both muscular and cardio-vascular, can allow you to :

  • Have more energy
  • Better react to stress
  • Sleep better
  • Better manage your weight
  • Be physically and mentally healthier.

Being physically active reduces the risks of health problems such as hyertension, diabetes, depression and obesity.

Physical activity increases muscular endurance, flexibility, strength and balance.

To maximize your athletic performances, every component of your body must be in perfect condition and work together.

Make a habit of getting in shape. If you don’t do any activity, start with fifteen minutes a day. Doing a specific activity is all you need to develop good habits. Three aspects should be taken into account when trying to improve your general  fitness: cardio-vascular health, strength training and flexibility.

Endurance activities  promote a healthy heart and lungs. Walking is the easiest way to improve your cardio1. Endurance activities give you energy. Cycling, swimming, skating, playing tennis and gardening are all good examples of activities you can do and enjoy2.

Strenght training targets your muscular health.La musculation vise la santé des muscles. Stronger muscles contribute to joint health by providing better support. Healthy muscles and joints will help you accomplish all sorts of tasks more easily3.

Flexibility is linked to body movements. Good flexibility will help you avoid the feeling of stiffness and will allow you to bend, stretch and turn over more easily4.

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