How to keep your New Year’s Resolutions in the long run?

Having goals and ambitions is a sign of proactivity and good health but to stick to the plan, whatever the plan is, we need perseverance.

When there’s a will…

The will must come from you, without external influence. We are the only ones to know if we are capable of achieving our goals but we never know if we will fail once in action. We don’t know if we will be strong enough to finish what we started.

Willing is like believing: you don’t need proof. “I want!” means counting on yourself and not caring about the arguments or the opinion of others who are telling you that you can’t do it. Don’t look for proof: you must want it, that’s it.

Perseverance is key

As children, when we learn to walk, we fall many times and we experience scratches and tears but we get up and try again to reach new adventures. As adults, it is the same thing and an obstacle should not stop us, on the contrary. Perseverance allows us to understand that we will succeed next time.

Listen to the stories of the others

If you look around you, if you read biographies of known and renowned people, you will soon realize that life did not spare them, at least not right away. Athletes, models, actors or simple people who managed to reach their goals often had to cope with failure. Everything does not happen right away.

Failure is necessary

Remember our story about learning to walk? If you never fell, if you never rolled down the stairs, if your running wasn’t abruptly stopped by your tumbling, you would have never practiced and made your walking perfect. Balance, coordination and posture were obtained by getting back up every time.

Learning from our mistakes

It is failure and experiences that will feed your subconscious and help you aim better and reach the target next time.

In short, if we really want to achieve something important, a test, a job, a house, loosing or putting on weight or be happier, we must stand strong no matter how hard it gets. It is also true that we must take little breaks now and again because life is full of surprises. We must rest then start again.

La Rochefoucault said:

We have more strength than we have will and it is often to excuse ourselves that we imagine things as impossible”.

Martine Jouffroy Valton

Martine studied clinical psychotherapy in 1995, earning a diploma from the Gestalt Intervention Centre of Montreal, followed by five years of practicing therapy in the city. She has accompanied people on the road to death, and has helped families affected by genetic illnesses or AIDS. Today, she works as a coach for a communications and marketing company, helping to recruit international experts for the European Commission in Brussels. She also has a private practice and greatly enjoys one-on-one time with her patients. For more info, email her at martine@taktic.eu or give her a call at +32-485-614-234.

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