Breasts in all shapes and sizes!

Big, small, slightly drooping, sometimes too soft and other times hard, breasts come in all shapes and sizes.

Objects of desire…

Breasts carry a lot of meaning, and obviously femininity. They are also easily associated with various fantasies and are objects of desire and seduction. They are part of our love games and often stimulate sexual appetite. Let’s be honest, our breasts hold a stunning erotic power. And there’s no need to expose them to arouse men. A plunging neckline, a fitted shirt or a slightly indented camisole, and voila, our lovers see us in a completely different light!

Breasts are therefore the basis of sexual pleasure ... as a pair. Indeed, if men love plunging necklines, we must admit that many women love to have their breasts caressed and bitten during sex. When they’re stimulated, breasts become very expressive. The breast muscles contract and blood rushes to the nipples. They harden and stand erect. Breasts are definitely a very erogenous zone for women, in addition to being an object of desire for men.

However, during pregancy and breastfeeding, the breats’ role changes. From objects of desire, they become “tools providing food” to the baby. How do we live with that change? Not a single couple experiences it in the same way! Sometimes, pregnancy and breastfeeding help us feel more beautiful and more feminine, while having a positive impact on our libido. Sometimes, during this transitional period when breasts go back to their primary use – feeding the little ones - the couple avoids sex games involving the breasts.

Difficult? For some, yes, but for others, it’s only a pause. Honest discussions between the spouses help improve the situation. Often times, we as women need a bit of time to get reacquainted with our breasts. They’re not like they used to be. They’re soft, and sometimes a little distorted. They sag... In short, we really don’t find them attractive at all. Breastfeeding and our breasts’ physical changes can influence our sexuality. It’s up to us to bring up the subject with our partner to find a sexuality that is comfortable and fulfilling for both.

Your opinion!

These comments were taken from Motherforlife.com’s Facebook page and show the extent and variety of feelings women have about their breasts.

« I didn’t have any difficulty going from object of desire to « milk producer ». It’s going back to the object of desire later on that I found difficult. Especially since my breasts looked nothing like they used to… if you know what I mean.»

« They’re running away from me, and I don’t like it ! From beautiful to flabby… Although I have to say that they doubled in size during my pregnancy, so I guess it’s normal. They’re still beautiful, but their shapeless without a good bra! Breatfeefing and sexuality are two very different things for me! »

« I don’t like them at all! I know, I should see the beauty of the mother who has breastfed, but I just can’t. When I look at them, I sigh! »

« No problem at all! When it’s time to breastfeed, it’s time to breastfeed. And when it’s time for pleasure, it’s time for pleasure!. I don’t find find pleasurable, since they’re flabby and covered with stretch marks. But my boyfriend loves them! I would like to have them done, but he doesn’t want me to. Unless, of course, they’re preventing me from being happy. »

« I’m currently breastfeeding and I love it. But I now find it difficult to see my breasts as objects of desire. I have this wall in front of me. I just see them differently

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