Love is at the heart of maternity

To love ourselves more

We can learn to love ourselves more and, therefore, to love others more by:

  • Being indulgent and patient while learning everything related to motherhood;
  • Accepting what we feel;
  • Daring to set limits;
  • Affirming our tastes;
  • Indulging in daily pleasure;
  • Acknowledging our qualities and strengths;
  • Being attentive to our well-being;
  • Accepting that we can be wrong even when we think that we are doing well.

Each thought and every action brings us closer to an ideal of being convinced that we are valuable as a human being regardless of the job we have, the money we have, our physical appearance, the number of children that we have or our achievements! This quest is worth it as it contributes to our growth as a wife and as a woman!

Isabelle Dagenais
Lecturer on mother’s well-being

Since the birth of her first daughter, Isabelle Dagenais has chosen to use her knowledge as a sex therapist and social worker and put it to use to help mothers. She has created Lecture/Workshops “Être maman” to help mothers with their emotional, social and sexual well-being. For more information on her lectures and workshops, visit her website.

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