10 gift ideas for Father’s Day

It’s Father’s Day on Sunday and you want to find the perfect present to spoil the best dad in the world? Here are 10 present ideas to help you celebrate your dad!

Father’s Day package at Amerispa

Amerispa decided to celebrate dad by creating a special package that allows dad to play a round of golf before relaxing at the spa! For example, ombine an 18-hole course with cart at Golf Château-Bromont with a 50-minute therapeutic massage at Amerispa Château-Bromont or go for a 18-hole course at Golf La Tempête with a 50-minute therapeutic massage at Amerispa Le Bonne Entente.

Ambre Noir by Yves Rocher

Yves Rocher offers a whole new seductive set for men! An eau de toilette that combines the scents of Patchouli and Vetiver to the sensual scent of Tonka beans. To prolong the pleasure, a shower gel for the body and the face, a delicate and creamy lather. Offer him, the other, or yet, both! Eau de toilette spray Ambre Noir, 100 ml and 50 ml - $ 69 and $ 44, Ambre Noir shower gel, 200 ml – $ 20, online or in Yves Rocher stores.

Lens shaped coffee thermos

For photographs enthusiasts – and coffee lovers! – this thermos cup shaped like a camera lens is really stylish and allows dad to keep all his beverages hot longer. $ 19,99

Saeco Poemia espresso machine

Transform dad into a barista every day and put him in charge of producing wonderful espresso easily and quickly with the Philips Saeco Poemia manual espresso machine

Set of beer glasses

Dad likes to relax with his beer during the hockey game? Give him these super original beer glasses that give the impression of drinking out of an upside-down bottle. $ 21,50 for a set of two glasses.

Tools shaped cookie molds

If you want to get the kids involved in preparing a home-made present for dad, you can get these awesome tools shaped cookie molds. Just choose dad’s favorite cookie recipe and let the kids decorate the cookies for a little personal touch! $ 10 for a set of five molds.

Jedi laser umbrella

If dad is a fan of Star Wars, he will love this handy umbrella that will protect him from the rain and turn into a Jedi laser lightsaber for an impromptu Jedi fight! $ 19,99

Set of 2 cordless tools

Your man will love the freedom and performance of these DeWalt cordless tools. This set includes a variable speed reversible drill and an impact wrench with 3 LED lights for better visibility. Includes 2 lithium batteries, a charger and a carrying bag. You can buy it at Rona for $269.

Diaper bag for men

The Messenger diaper bag has been specifically designed for men to have a masculine look all the while offering all the practical options of a traditional diaper bag like multiple pockets for all your accessories and much more. $ 98

Bella Vita Toiletries

A very special touch for a dad who likes to pamper himself like his father before him, but with an unusual classy touch! The whole product range is full of advantages to show dad how much you appreciate him! Badgers, $ 17, Proraso Shea butter and sandalwood shaving cream, $ 9, Marvis toothpaste that contains Amarelli, $ 9

Image de Mariem Melainine

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