7 days of activities with daddy

Here are 7 pre-teen activities for a whole week of exciting, scientific and funny moments with daddy (and mommy!).

Paper planes

When your child asks “Dad, mom, do you know how to make a paper plane?”, he expects more than a “Of course, I used to make loads when I was a child”. Here is a little guide to build a paper plane in case you forgot. Did you have a special trick to aim at your teacher more precisely? Try to remember it and organize races with your child.

There are many types of paper planes (scroll down) and there is even a calendar that you can buy to practice with a new plane every day.

Volcanic eruption

Prepare a surface that will be easy to clean up or cover a table with newspapers. Build a volcano shape with dough and leave a hole in the middle big enough to place a container for your ingredients.

  1. Put two tablespoons of baking soda in the container.
  2. If you have food colouring, add four drops of red and two drops of yellow to make your lava more realistic.
  3. Add a half-cup of white vinegar in the container and watch the eruption.
Sumo wrestling

Some have pillow fights, others wrestle, others laugh out loud and tickle their children… but did you ever dress up like a sumo wrestler? Keep all your bubble wraps to eventually wrap up your child (and yourself) from head-to-toe, avoiding the face. You can also use lots of clothes or cushions!

Play dough stop-motion

IT dads will be delighted with this one that will allow them to use their creativity and their technical skills for the common good. Write a scenario with your child, build dough characters and accessories and explain the concept. He must remove his hands when the picture is taken and move the characters just a little bit if he wants the movie to look real. The best software for this is Gawker. You can look on YouTube for inspiration and motivation.

Build a campfire

In a fireplace or outdoors, on a campsite or by the beach, explain to your child how to build a campfire. Place newspaper balls in the middle and build a tepee of branches, putting the smallest ones in the middle and the biggest outside. If you have a sweet tooth, roast marshmallows or make s’mores. Obviously, you must be extra careful, keep your children at a good distance once the fire is lit and keep an eye on your campfire.

Build a birdhouse

There are many types of birdhouses from simple houses to castles but the point is to spend a bit of time with your children and to have something to discuss all summer while colourful birds come to rest and eat. If you are not very good with tools, you can always build a bird feeder with a plastic container.

Watch insects

It’s very simple! Buy a magnifier in a dollar store and go for a walk. You will demystify the scary insects and get some fresh air at the same time. (Don’t leave your magnifier in the sun to avoid setting anything on fire). If you want to, you can also buy a net and a cage and catch insects to look at them longer and feed them. It makes it much safer to look at bees and wasps and is there anything cuter than a child chasing butterflies?

Image de Anne Costisella

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