10 gifts for women

A bouquet of flowers by Pétales Studio

Do you know Pétales Studio? They craft delicate and timeless flowers from coffee filters! You can keep those bouquets for years and even add to it over time. Roses: between $ 25 and $ 75 depending on the size of the bouquet, $ 12,50 per unit. Calla Lily: between $ 15 and $ 50 depending on the size of the bouquet, $7 per unit.


The Cucina product line is available at Fruits & Passion and consists of hand products and cleaners specifically designed for the hidden chef in you. Inspired by Italy, you can choose from a selection of intoxicating fragrances like Zucchini flower and Truffle, Oregano and Lime, Sanguinelli orange and Fennel and more. Complete Chef’s trio (Lime Zest and Cypress) $ 38.

Infinity scarf

The infinity scarf (or Snood) is all the rage this year. Comfortable and stylish, you only have to wrap it around your neck for a chic and casual look. You can purchase this snake print infinity scarf in Laura boutiques in three fashionable colors: brown, blue or fuchsia. $ 19,99.

Shirt collar with appliqué

We suggests this nice shirt collar with appliqué by Zara that gives the appearance of a blouse to any simple shirt and adds a touch of glamour to your look. $ 45,90.

Kusmi Tea gift box

Kusmi teas offer an impressive selection or original flavors for all tastes. We chose this Wellness collection gift box because it includes five miniature 25 gr. boxes of all their Wellness teas: Detox, Be Cool, Sweet Love, Boost and Euphoria as well as a small infuser so you can prepare your tea quickly. $ 30,55 in Kusmi boutiques or on their website.

R-Evolution Molecular cooking kit

Molecular cuisine is very popular in all the upscale restaurants and you can now recreate the art in the comfort of your home with this R-Evolution Molecular cooking kit that will allow you to prepare spectacular dishes to impress your guests. $ 58,95.

Japanese Spa gift set

You dream of going to the spa but you can’t afford it? The Body Shop boutiques have found the perfect solution for you: a beautiful Japanese inspired gift set that contains three Spa products to help you get started on some well deserved pampering. $ 27,50.

Gorilla perfume by Lush

You love perfumes and are looking for a new fragrance? You will be delighted with the new Gorilla perfumes by Lush who has innovated in the fragrance field. Inspired by art, music and memories to create a unique range of quality perfume with bold fragrances. $ 14,95 to $ 139,95.

The ultimate encyclopedia of Chocolate

If you’re like us and are a chocolate lover, the ultimate encyclopedia of chocolate is the perfect gift for you as it contains over 200 recipes that feature our favorite ingredient: chocolate! $ 34,95.

Prestige gift boxes

Prestige gift boxes give you access to over 180 destinations that lets you discover the best touristic activities in Quebec. Choose from 7 theme gift boxes: Discovery, Vineyards & Cider, Relaxation, Arts & Entertainment, Revelation, Fun for two or Zen. Each gift box lets you choose from a selection of forty upscale packages for all tastes. Between $ 99 and $ 399 depending on the package chosen.

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