Dating a single mom

Attractive and busy woman seeks responsible and extraordinary man for friendship and more… if children have affinities.

Is it that bad to date a single mom? Now and again, I read an article that explains how difficult it is to be with an exhausted and impatient mother who has not time left for anything else than washing dishes, clothes and children. But is it true? Maybe for some… But for most moms, the ones I know, who are proud and want to live a good life, the reality is different. Here are 6 facts to understand everything about single moms.


It is the first thing that comes to mind for many new lovers. If you really think that a single mom does not have enough time to have a sex drive, think again. First, mothers are often more comfortable with their body and love to remember that before being mothers, they were women and they still are! All this, gentlemen, is in your favour. Obviously, the focus isn’t always there. They must attend the parent-teacher meeting, take their child to the dentist and remember the tooth fairy and the hockey tournament. Yes, a single mom is often busy, even overwhelmed, but there is plenty of room for a man of goodwill who will know how to make them feel beautiful and desirable!


Obviously, the conception of time of a single mom is not what it used to be. She must do and remember everything because she is alone. She can’t go out as much as she did before and she has to be more organized. If you enjoy going out every week, eat out all the time and never miss a cocktail, think twice before staying with a single mom who will feel old and boring because of her obligations. If, on the other hand, you are flexible and if you are always looking for a partner to play videogames, to go biking or listening to music while drinking homemade sangria, you may have found your dream team.


Children are at the heart of the matter. If you can’t wait for the dad’s week to get rid of the kids and see your girlfriend alone at last, you will find that adulthood is very far away and your new flame will find you very intolerant. Don’t forget that children are the most important persons in a mom’s life, whether she is single or not. As with everything else, a period of adaptation will be necessary on both sides but the children will get to know you and appreciate you at the same pace as you will learn to appreciate them. You will soon know their songs by heart; share the same jokes and eagerly wait to find out what happened in school.

Her ex

When a woman has children, her ex is never too far behind, it’s true. But at least he is not a secret ex that you would have discovered later on. He will be more or less present depending on the situations and it is possible (and desirable) that the relationship of the former partners is good, which is also good for you. If it is not, will you be there to comfort her when conflicts arise or to accept that the father is slightly jealous of your relationship with his children and the mother of his children? Situations vary a lot from one family to another and your contribution to the dynamics will be of the essence.


Maybe that single mom you’ve just met will talk a lot about her finances. It is because she has been paying all the bills for a while. Even if she doesn’t talk about it, she may look a bit stressed out when you talk about nights out, huge gifts or holidays. Try to be sensitive about it and to understand that her financial constraints are not necessarily a call for help and it doesn’t mean that you have to forget about your globetrotter’s adventures.

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