10 gift ideas for a teacher

Your child has learned a lot this year! Here are 10 good ideas to thank his teacher and those who took care of him all year!


I asked four teachers to give me an idea of what they prefer and they all agreed: wine is a good gift! It can be kept for a long time, is of good taste and, even for teachers who do not drink, it is always useful to have a bottle at home for our guests. Around $20, Château Picoron, Saint-Émilion, Beringer rosé, Kim Crawford (white), Ménage à trois and many wines found in the specialty section of your liquor store are excellent gifts.

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You can say no!

“On Saturday I have a dinner at my sister’s house, on Sunday, I have brunch with Mary and then I have to  help Caroline move out. I am overwhelmed!” And I did not want to do any of that!

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Some kids are reckless beyond reason. We try to hold them back, but they always find a way to climb everywhere and continuously put themselves in dangerous situations.

Nervous Tics In Children

She gnaws at her nails while her play buddy cracks his fingers. Why are some children likely to develop nervous symptoms?