The sexuality of pregnant women

With so much going on, how does pregnancy affect the sexuality of women?

A lot of things happen when a woman gets pregnant, and with this new woman comes all these changes in bed. If sometimes, the combination of physical and psychological changes gives her an irresistible urge to lie down, munch and keep her partner (and his desire) as far away as possible, it can also be the beginning of a great adventure for that man who caused all of these changes.

Sometimes change is good

No more pill! No more condoms! For nine months, couples will not fear an unwanted pregnancy because pregnancy is already here, and this one is wanted! The couple can truly enjoy their sexual life without thinking about a contraceptive failure during and after sex. When your stress has gone, you realize how bad it was on your sexual life and couples often appreciate this period of pure freedom.

Another wonderful thing about pregnancy is the sexiness of women, especially when they embrace their new breasts, their thick hair, their radiant skin and the hormones that give them a healthy look and a lot of self-confidence, which can truly improve their sex life despite a big belly that is, for once, perfectly legitimate.

Even her bad temper can be put to contribution if she can use it to her own advantage and turn it into an attitude that makes her want to try new things and feel strong. It is the famous time of lingerie and sex everywhere, and all the time, that turns some pregnant women into much better and less prude lovers than they were before. During that time, expectant women often find a much more daring side of their personality.

Sometimes change is bad

Some women will be eye rolling as they read this because they do not recognize themselves in this description of a beautiful and fulfilled woman at all. Those who feel bloated and irritable, exhausted and unbearable, do not want sex anytime and anywhere.

Some really need to ponder or sleep for long periods of time without worrying about the desire of their husband as if they imperatively had to feel desirable in order to keep a man around. Others have nausea and cannot even think about sex for now. This is often a difficult time for the father, who hasn’t changed at all and can feel rejected at times.

Some couples also worry about the baby and wonder if sex could hurt them. You shouldn’t worry; babies are well protected in the uterus which is filled with amniotic fluid, and if you have no known risk of miscarriage, you can continue business as usual in the position of your choice.

This period of zero sex drive that often occurs in early pregnancy can be frustrating for a couple, especially when they have had no contact for ages. However, this period doesn’t last and if it created a distance between you and your partner, do not hesitate to put an end to that no-sex time. Start taking care of yourself and take the initiative to start again. You will see that very soon, you will appreciate these new sensations that hormones give you, and you will realize that the more you try, the more you enjoy it.

Image de Anne Costisella

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