Books from birth

If a book has a particular interest for the child, he or she will ask for it over and over again. That’s all right! Go along with it. Repetition is an important learning experience. Eventually, the child will have taken in everything they need about the story and they will move on to the next book. Offer your child other book choices once in a while to stimulate his or her interest.

Basic rule: The right book has to stimulate your baby’s interest. A book may captivate and interest your child for one of the reasons listed below. Having fun reading with your child is the most important thing!
How to choose a child’s book
  • Books made out of fabric are easy to manipulate. Baby will have an easier time learning how to flip the pages. Books with different textures are great to develop your child’s sense of touch.
  • Images with contrasting colors to stimulate the eyesight of babies who are less than 4 months old (black and white is very interesting). Because their eyesight isn’t very clear at that age, babies are drawn to contrasts.
  • Plastic, styrofoam or fabric books (that can be used in the tub) are great because babies put everything into their mouths and these may become wet.
  • Rigid cardboard books can also be a great alternative for plastic and fabric books.
  • Choose books with no or very little writing because babies are attracted to the images and the adult can stimulate language by naming things.
  • A variety of images (one per page). In fact, picture albums are what interest babies most.
  • Clear and well defined images that resemble the child’s reality.
  • Real pictures of known objects. It may be cheaper to make the picture album yourself.
  • Add fun to the reading activity by having objects related to the book.
  • Objects are great to add another dimension when reading. These objects can be puppets, stuffed animals, plastic figures, etc…
  • Books, just like other objects, must be chosen by taking their size and their safety level into consideration.

In conclusion, remember that there are plenty of pre-reading activities you can do with your child. Books remain interesting for toddlers as well. Enjoy these special moments when you read to your child. He or she will learn a lot and will have great memories to hold on to.

Enjoy your reading!

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