10 ways to make reading fun

Reading is a fun way to travel without actually moving. It brings you to a new dimension where you are immersed in the story and never feel alone. It's also a fun way to learn new things!

Read together

Even when your child is old enough to read by themselves, it’s important to keep reading with them. You could read a bigger and more complex book with them on the weekend, while they'll read simpler books during the week, on their own. You could also decide to take turns reading sentences, pages or chapters. It’s a nice way to spend quality time with your child. Too many parents stop reading their kids a bedtime story as soon as their ability to read develops. Children still need support and assistance to make a smooth transition between baby books and small novels about subjects that interest them. This way, you’ll stay connected with your child’s interests and be able to talk to him about them.

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