10 tips to help your kids enjoy reading

Rain or shine, hail or snow, hot or cold, a book is always a great companion! Here are 10 tips to help your kids enjoy reading!

Read them stories

The more children are exposed to books and reading, the more reading will have an important place in their lives. Every story conveys new concepts and ideas and will widen your children's interests.

Teach them rimes and songs

When you were growing up, you've heard rimes, lullabies, and songs, and many of them are probably still stuck in your head! Rimes and lullabies are a good way to facilitate memorization and encourage the love of words. Singing in the car (or in the rain!) and dancing to the music when you're walking around or doing chores will create a fun experience for your child.

Fun first

Learning to read is a long and hard process and there's no need to hide it from your kids. However, tell them about the pleasure they will get out of this activity.

Have you just read a novel or article that got you excited? Talk about it! If your children see and hear you talking about how much you love reading, they will be excited about learning how to read and will want a piece of the fun!

Increase their vocabulary

Depending on your children’s abilities, you can alternate reading the story with them. When the story is over, ask them about their favourite part or new words. Reading together allows your children to stop on certain words and ask you questions over and over again! If their curiosity is satisfied, they will remember the words and what they mean.

Play games to develop their abilities

After going to the park or a family outing, encourage your children to invent or write a story about their experience. You can also take this opportunity to write a small play or make a drawing exposition with an explicatory legend to let other family members and friends enjoy their creation.

Point words as you read

Bringing their attention to certain words makes them understand that there are written words to describe or explain everything they know. Seeing words like mom, cat or house will often help your children remember them. They will be so proud to show you they can “read”!

Encourage them to write every day

Encouraging them to write while they're doing a fun activity will help them fall in love with reading and writing. Encourage your children to have a diary in which they can write about their experiences, or you could even write it yourself under their specific instructions! Encourage them to write a letter to a family member or friend every week. Children love getting mail, you will notice this when you will see your child’s face when reading his or her name on the envelope.

Find the ideal place

Choose a room in the house that is ideal for reading. Put a coloured chair, a beanbag or a child’s sofa and make it a warm and welcoming place to read. Naturally, you will need a little library to hold all their reading treasures! A unique environment can attract the most reluctant readers.

Preach by example!

Children learn by example. If their parents read every day there is a good chance that they will want to do the same! Encourage your little ones to set themselves reading goals and give them a sticker or certificate when these goals have been reached. They'll love it!

Time to read

By creating a reading routine, your children will ask for it! You can all read together or separately. Younger children need as much time with books and other pieces of literature as their older siblings.

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