Overcoming fatigue

As strange as it may seem, fatigue has become the new affliction of our techno age. For a very long time we believed that automation and innovations would make our lives a piece of cake. We were wrong!

We are more tired than our parents, than our grandparents and probably more than all of our ancestors. Some would say it is the evil of the century. Others would say that women are the prime victims. In any case, it is time to take control over our lives and to get rid of this insidious fatigue forever!

Who’s responsible?

The cult of overwork, poor eating habits and a lack of nutrients and vitamins, unhealthy life habits, chronic lack of sleep, various concerns, emotional distress and negative stress can all be sources of fatigue for both men and women.

According to a report produced by Statistics Canada, around 44% of all Canadians sacrifice a few hours of sleep to make time for their other daily responsibilities. Also, some 25% of all Canadians, whether they reduce their sleeping time or not, have a hard time falling asleep. Be careful! It seems like fatigue is contagious!

Often, as parents, we find the first years of our child difficult. We adapt to a new life, we sleep a lot less and we wake up many times every night. We combine a tiresome 9 to 5 and an exhausting 5 to 9 and then we try to relax as much as we can between 9 and 9 between all our other tasks. No wonder we’re so tired!

Knowing ourselves
  • Women must deal with hormonal factors. The premenstrual syndrome and the periods disturb their bodies and can cause fatigue peaks. The beginning of a pregnancy also makes women more tired. We must be extra careful on those days where all and nothing can affect us.
  • It is said that the more we grow old, the more we know what we don’t want. It may be time for a big clean up in our lives. Maybe it is time to get rid of activities, obligations or relations that are dragging us down. We are on the committee for office parties and we meet every week for lunch. We feel like we would prefer to go out and walk or read? It is always possible to graciously step down. We balance the positive and negative aspects and we think about ourselves.
  • No one has the same resistance to fatigue. It is useless to constantly compare yourself with your neighbour or your colleague. You would just maintain a useless state of frustration that would drain your precious energy.
Edible energy

What we put on our plate can help us against fatigue. See what can help you regain some energy:

Iron: Poultry liver, horsemeat and black pudding
Vitamin C: Kiwi, orange, pepper, cauliflower, and broccoli.
Proteins: Tofu, legumes, egg, meat and dairy products.
Whole grains: Cereals, bread, rice, etc.
Selenium (an antioxidant): Nuts, canned tuna, pork shops, cod, halibut, flounder, cooked salmon, shiitake mushrooms, beef, turkey, lamb and seafood.

  • Eat proteins for breakfast and lunch for your “fuel” to be better. You can eat less during the evening.
  • Fruits and vegetables, especially raw, are full of nutrients and vitamins. It would be foolish to pass on it!
  • Drink water. Being hydrated will help you keep in shape. Don’t drink too much tea or coffee.
  • Beware of empty foods that fill your stomach but don’t satisfy you such as sugar, fried foods, fat and the likes.
Counter fatigue express…
  • Simple trick: cold water on your temples and wrists!
  • You’ve been sitting too long? Get up and gently stretch.
  • A mist of cold water can give you a little boost in the afternoon!
Image de Nadine Descheneaux

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