Gift ideas for Mother’s Day

Electronic postcard

Electronic postcards are now a classic in this technologically inclined era, but it’s also such a powerful and easy way to express your gratitude to moms. Android offers an application that lets you create beautiful cards for Mother’s Day and send it by email or social networks. We suggest getting the kids involved by composing a poem which is guaranteed to move her!

This week
Getting ready to visit Santa

Is your child meeting Santa for the first time? Meeting this larger-than-life character can sometimes be intimidating for your little one. They could love him, just like they can burst out in tears!

Office parties

The holiday period is coming and before celebrating with the family, several people will celebrate at work. Are you ready for a professional party?

How to make peace with your mother-in-law

Rival? Friend? Second mom? Witch? Is your mother-in-law a handful? Do you not know how to react anymore? Here are three scenarios and three solutions to help you.

Family values

Our aging parents and grandparents often say that our family values are on the decline. What do they mean? Let’s talk about family values, a heritage we should honor.