Over 100 little joys of being a Mom

Being a mother gives us little and simple pleasures, which were unimaginable before having children. See why it's so good to be a mom while browsing this wave of love.

Moments where we say we made the right choice, memories that warm our hearts in times of doubt, joys that replace all tempting promotions from the boss, laughter that revives the fire in us, rituals that are sometimes comical but make us feel alive, songs that make us cry, amazing observations that we no longer see with our adult eyes, etc.

Dozens of moms have contributed to this list that continues to grow! You too can add your reason at the bottom of the article in the comments!

Why it's so good to be a mom...
  1. the wet kisses eliminate all the work stress
  2. the first time we hear the word "mom" pronounced by our child, it becomes the sweetest of songs! Then, millions of other times, it's sometimes a melody, a call for help, a lament, a sweet word, a repetition, etc.
  3. singing at the top of your lungs in the car with happy children makes us forget the traffic jams
  4. we can stay home for a year with our new treasure!
  5. we feel the Christmas magic through our children
  6. the house is never empty
  7. hearing our children laugh and have fun has no price
  8. we can watch princess and knight movies with no shame
  9. we stay young at heart a little longer
  10. we rediscover the joys of playing in the park
  11. hearing their little "i love you"s make my days
  12. our children's art pieces hide all the dents in the wall and the smudges on the fridge!
  13. the sound of their little feet running across the floor towards our bed makes us smile
  14. we learn to pick our battles and realize what really matters
  15. we open up a little more to the world around us, our neighbours, etc.
  16. we get so much closer to our family, and specifically, our mother
  17. sledding in the winter or swimming in the summer, while laughing with not a care in the world, feels magical
  18. kissing the cracks in the necks of our child is delicious!
  19. we grow and change all thanks to them
  20. the "your beautiful mom" almost erases our wrinkles!
  21. we finally understand our mother and all the other mothers out there
  22. we feel like we have a small part in changing the world... for the better!
  23. we learn to trust ourselves
  24. we understand the extent of the term "letting go!"
  25. we love and are loved unconditionally 
  26. all the family suppers stay engraved in our minds
  27. our phone gets filled up with tons of photos of beautiful memories
  28. their little nose stuck in our necks feel like the most beautiful gestures of love
  29. even our tears don't feel the same
  30. we find strengths we didn't know we had
  31. being a mom makes us feel better every day
  32. being a mom makes us understand what love really is
  33. being a mom provides us with unsuspected energy
  34. being a mom makes us want to wake up every morning... and go to bed every night!
  35. hearing "mom, your shepards pie is the best in the world" fills me up with joy
  36. when our daughter becomes a mom too, it's the best gift in the world
  37. watching our child smile at us like we're the 8th world wonder is the best feeling in the world
  38. watching our child evolve makes us rediscover the world
  39. it gives meaning to our life: in the morning, to see their messy hair, their beautiful big eyes and their cracking smiles. In the day, seeing them marvel at small things; at night, watching them sleep like valiant conquerors who have fought the battle all day long, and who sleep to recover, to start their conquests again the next day!
  40. their birth, their first smile, their first word, their first steps, for a mom, are the most beautiful gifts life can give
  41. being a mom means unconditional love
  42. when we don't feel beautiful and our daughter reminds us that we're pretty even with dirty hair
  43. when my child falls asleep on my chest, he makes my heart beat 
  44. these little generous creatures are a gift from the skies
  45. if you were a sun, I would be your ray; if you were a bird, I would be your wings; if you were a flower, I would be your petals; if you were a notebook, I would be your pages; if you were a pencil, I would be your eraser. In fact, I am only your mother, I love you and will always love you with the same irreplaceable love.
  46. being a mom is watching your life start to make sense through the daily gestures of love to and from our treasures 
  47. having a child is the nicest vacation... there's always something new
  48. we finally understand the meaning of two words: live and love
  49. my daughter's smile brightens up my day, every hug makes me forget, even in the hardest of times. It's the most beautiful thing that can happen to a woman... being a mother.
  50. hearing "you're the best mom in the world" makes me believe it!
  51. watching our children grow up in a house full of love is amazing
  52. it's having the privilege of witnessing so many "firsts"
  53. being a mom is building the future
  54. we learn to appreciate every single small moment in life
  55. we get another chance to live our childhood
  56. it changes our lives and gives us a sense of purpose... we forget about our belly buttons to take care of theirs!
  57. it's not always easy but it is rewarding... especially when they fall asleep on your while twisting your hair in their little fingers
  58. I will become a mom in about 80 days. One of the best reasons to become a mother, in my opinion, is to perpetuate our values ​​and to bring to earth people who will pursue our mission in their own way. I hope in my own way to help the survival of my planet by raising my children as a being with global consciousness.
  59. It forces us to stay in shape!
  60. I can garnish my fridge with the most beautiful masterpieces, my heart with happiness, and my house with bursts of laughter and smiles.
  61. we live the best day of our life with our spouse at the birth of our little treasure, and we finally get to hold him in our arms.
  62. To hear my child tell me I love you makes me forget all the troubles of my day.
  63. maternity allows us to no longer be self-centered ...
  64. giving life is the greatest and most beautiful achievement that a woman can perform. Every Saturday and Sunday morning when I listened to "fellows", from 6:30 am, with my little chips stuck on me under the blankets: it's worth more than all the mornings in the world that I could have had if I had not had children ...
  65. Instead of the alarm clock that rings, it's baby crying and as soon as we get to the room, we see a big smile on his face. Wow, it's a beautiful alarm clock!
  66. it is the most beautiful gift, to give life and especially to enrich their own through little bursts of happiness in everyday life.
  67. Being pregnant allowed me to get closer to my mother and my grandmother ... What a joy to live motherhood in 4 generations!
  68. It is to perceive the unconditional love in the eyes of our little hearts and to return it to them!
  69. Being a mother makes us realize how much our mom loves us.
  70. we rediscover love in its purest form
  71. a laugh, a first word, a discovery, the wonder of my child constantly motivates me.
  72. One becomes the prime model, who introduces them to the wonders of the world.
  73. being a mother is when I come back from work and my daughter shouts "MOM" and runs towards me, it makes me forget the worries of my day.
  74. to be a mother is to read the trust in her eyes.
  75. being a mother is the most beautiful thing that can happen to us, but as long as we do not live it, we do not believe it!
  76. It's good to read the joys that a child brings us! They change our lives for the better, in my opinion.
  77. To have a child is to finally find great love!
  78. his first smile capsizes our heart ...
  79. we see life differently, through their eyes and their daily discoveries. They make us see the beauties of life and the secret of happiness!
  80. we feel the blind trust, the total abandonment and the absolute love that our little pieces of cabbage have for us ... and there's nothing better than the cuddles of chubby little arms

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