The meaning of Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a day like any other for some, a magical day for others and a painful day for those who have lost a child or their own mother.

Criticized by many who denounce the blatant commercialization of all holidays - Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter, Mother's Day and Father's Day - Mother's Day is still an opportunity to tell our mother how important she is and to receive wishes because we have become mothers too.

The role of mothers varies a little bit depending on the culture and background and it has also changed over generations but it always remains a role of caregiver. Mothers have to be present every day through good times and bad times. A mother is a counsellor, a guide to which one turns, by whom the values and traditions are passed along. The bond that binds us to our mother and to our children survives many difficulties, inspires us and shapes us.


I remember my first Mother’s Days. I was so proud to be a mom! That day was like my very own Thanksgiving; it was a moment to thank life for giving me two beautiful children and to appreciate how lucky I was to have met the father of my children who was also a wonderful dad. It was even more special the first time, in 1996, when I spent the whole day with a huge smile on my face, looking at my 2 months old daughter as if she was the Eighth Wonder of the World. This love is like a virus developed by all mothers and on Mother’s Day, we are allowed to let it show!

Over the years, I kept many beautiful drawings, inventive cards, strange pottery that became works of art in the eyes of the proud mom that I am, at least 3 coffee mugs, a keychain made with an empty pill bottle and crayons and a few kilos of chocolate, my favourite treat!


Above all, Mother’s Day is an occasion to give ourselves a hug for what we have accomplished as a woman, for the values that we passed along, for the sadness that we heal, for the compromises, for the strength that inhabits us each time we look at our children. It is a day to pat ourselves on the back for everything that we did and everything that is coming.

Happy Mother’s Day to each and every one of you!


We have used our Facebook page to ask other mothers what Mother’s Day meant to them, to their grandmothers and to their mothers. What would you like to say? Is it a special day? Will you receive a gift? Here are the results!

First Mother’s Day

For me, this year’s Mother's Day is a dream coming true. The dream of a lifetime to finally become a mom!
Marie-Josée and Stephanie

It will probably be my first Mother’s Day with a gift because my daughter started school this year. Still, for me the greatest gift is to have been a mother since January 2007 and to be mother for a second time soon. To me, every day is Mother’s Day!

Same here: the dream of a lifetime! I'm the proudest mum in the world!

It will be my first Mother's Day this year. I'm so excited! We used to have a big family dinner but it has been quieter since the death of my grandmother. We will probably have dinner with my mom and my stepmom!

It is also my first Mother's Day as a mom... I do not expect to receive a gift... Usually, I call my mom and wish her a happy Mother's Day... Just a thought for the day.

I realized this week that it was my first Mother's Day with my daughter, wow!

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