The meaning of Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a day like any other for some, a magical day for others and a painful day for those who have lost a child or their own mother.

Criticized by many who denounce the blatant commercialization of all holidays - Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter, Mother's Day and Father's Day - Mother's Day is still an opportunity to tell our mother how important she is and to receive wishes because we have become mothers too.

The role of mothers varies a little bit depending on the culture and background and it has also changed over generations but it always remains a role of caregiver. Mothers have to be present every day through good times and bad times. A mother is a counsellor, a guide to which one turns, by whom the values and traditions are passed along. The bond that binds us to our mother and to our children survives many difficulties, inspires us and shapes us.


I remember my first Mother’s Days. I was so proud to be a mom! That day was like my very own Thanksgiving; it was a moment to thank life for giving me two beautiful children and to appreciate how lucky I was to have met the father of my children who was also a wonderful dad. It was even more special the first time, in 1996, when I spent the whole day with a huge smile on my face, looking at my 2 months old daughter as if she was the Eighth Wonder of the World. This love is like a virus developed by all mothers and on Mother’s Day, we are allowed to let it show!

Over the years, I kept many beautiful drawings, inventive cards, strange pottery that became works of art in the eyes of the proud mom that I am, at least 3 coffee mugs, a keychain made with an empty pill bottle and crayons and a few kilos of chocolate, my favourite treat!


Above all, Mother’s Day is an occasion to give ourselves a hug for what we have accomplished as a woman, for the values that we passed along, for the sadness that we heal, for the compromises, for the strength that inhabits us each time we look at our children. It is a day to pat ourselves on the back for everything that we did and everything that is coming.

Happy Mother’s Day to each and every one of you!


We have used our Facebook page to ask other mothers what Mother’s Day meant to them, to their grandmothers and to their mothers. What would you like to say? Is it a special day? Will you receive a gift? Here are the results!

First Mother’s Day

For me, this year’s Mother's Day is a dream coming true. The dream of a lifetime to finally become a mom!
Marie-Josée and Stephanie

It will probably be my first Mother’s Day with a gift because my daughter started school this year. Still, for me the greatest gift is to have been a mother since January 2007 and to be mother for a second time soon. To me, every day is Mother’s Day!

Same here: the dream of a lifetime! I'm the proudest mum in the world!

It will be my first Mother's Day this year. I'm so excited! We used to have a big family dinner but it has been quieter since the death of my grandmother. We will probably have dinner with my mom and my stepmom!

It is also my first Mother's Day as a mom... I do not expect to receive a gift... Usually, I call my mom and wish her a happy Mother's Day... Just a thought for the day.

I realized this week that it was my first Mother's Day with my daughter, wow!

First Mother's Day (continued)

This will be my first Mother's Day! I have no idea what will happen. My daughter is only 10 months old so obviously I do not expect much from her, but I always think of my mom... Usually, the whole family is together for dinner and I bring her flowers!

This year is a first and it will also be my son’s baptism! I never gave gifts to my mom, but I spend this day writing her a note and pampering her!

This year is my first Mother's Day. Usually we spend that day with the family having a good time. If I get a gift, it will be fun, but to spend time with my 9-month-old daughter is already enough.

A very special day

Mother's Day is my own special party with my 15-month-old son and the baby that I carry in my belly!

It will also my birthday so it's a busy weekend!

This will be my second Mother's Day. We celebrate a little. I call my mother and my sister to wish them happy birthday, my grandmother died in 1998.

Mother's Day is the day I feel lucky to be the mother of a beautiful 4-year-old boy and for all the happiness he brings me! We celebrate with the whole family, my mother, my grandmother and other moms in my extended family.

I don’t know how many Mother’s Day I have left ... I'm not well. For me, Mother's Day is being proud to watching my two sons thinking I’M THEIR MOM! My daughter died at the age of 5 and every year I still hear her telling me Happy Mother's Day xxx Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms of the world!

Usually, my husband spoils me a bit! This will be my third Mother's Day and I love it!

For me too, it is the dream of a lifetime. Every day my son brings me the happiest woman in the world, making me a mother. Every little step, every little new thing, every touch and every hug makes me feel like the happiest mom. Mother's Day is a special day, but what day wouldn’t be when you have the honour of being called “mom”?

Two years ago, I learned on Mother's Day that I was pregnant. My daughter is 16 months old now and I just found out that I am pregnant with my second child. I'm really happy!

I celebrate my mother

This is a day when I never forget to celebrate my mom, and to give her a small gift. My girls are still too young to make me a gift so if their father thinks of something, it will be a surprise. I LOVE YOU MOM!

For me, Mother's Day is a day when I take the time to give back to my mother and my grandmother some of what they gave me. They were very present in my life. It is a day to let them know how good they were as mothers and they still are. If children think of me, so much the better, but it is not for gifts. For me, it is anything but a commercial holiday (especially since most gifts are handcrafted!)

I will not be celebrating this year because I am 31 weeks pregnant. But I want to spoil my own mother. I will pamper her a little and her birthday being on Friday, it will be an intimate dinner for two events, my parents, my husband and me. We will eat fondue and three desserts that I will make for her. I can’t wait!

There are so many parties for all occasions ... My family and I give priority to our birthdays. And the simple fact of being a mother makes me celebrate. However, I use this day to thank my mother for everything she does for me ... even though I often thank, I have a special thought for her that day!


It is a day when I used to celebrate my mom every year. Unfortunately, this is the first Mother's Day that I can’t. She died in December, and I just realized by reading the comments that it will be the first year without her for me! I am a proud mother of a 15-month-old baby and I hope that my husband will think of me!

My mother also died of cancer. She was 45. I tried not to think about Mother's Day in recent years because it was very hard for me. But now it is my turn to be a mom and I think I have grieved enough. Now, I see this celebration from another angle... My boyfriend promised to spoil me with my daughter. I certainly won’t refuse!

A day like any other

This is just another commercial holiday; I'll probably have a nice mug or something like that... Just for my little one to be proud of offering me something!

Apart from our anniversary, we don’t celebrate any holiday. Maybe a little something for Christmas but that's it. Parties are more commercial than symbolic really. We wish happy Mother's Day in the morning and that's it. No gifts, or special anything! After all, we are not just moms on that day ...

My friends do not feel very concerned. I mostly celebrate Mother's Day in my heart because after 3 years, I'm a fulfilled mom.

It is just another commercial holiday to make us feel cheap if we don’t buy anything. I can tell my mothe and my grandmother that I love them every day. I don’t need a party to tell them. I believe that these actions must come from the heart and its inspiration rather than being dictated by a specific day on the calendar!

I think Mother's Day is too commercialized. I am proud to be a mom and my best gift arrived in June 2008 and October 2009. Every day with them is my gift. I could not ask for anything other than my 2 beautiful girls.

What does Mother's Day mean to you? Write your comments in the space below! We want to hear from you!

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