Celebrating your mother from afar

Mother's Day is coming! Show her that you are thinking of her, always but especially today, with these ideas to celebrate your mom from a distance this Mother's Day!

Activity coupons

Make or have your child craft a coupon for an activity you will do together the next time you see each other. Depending on your taste and budget, this may include attending a collective kitchen workshop, a gardening session, visiting an exhibition, going out to the spa, etc. It's up to you to find what would really please your mom!

A thought by video

With your mobile phone or webcam on your computer, you could make a small film in which your whole family greets your mother. Add excerpts from everyday life, children's jokes, a more personal and touching message, and send them the video on Mother's Day.

Flash to the past

A good idea to show your mum that you are thinking about her is to take a picture of yourself in a place that has marked your relationship or the early stages of your life, such as the hospital where she gave birth to you, the first school that you attended, a place where you went on vacation together ... Accompanied by a personal message recalling your complicity of yesteryear, you will be sure to touch her heart!

Flower Delivery

Say what you want about this classic Mother's Day gift, but the flowers are always fun, appropriate and feel so good to receive! The flowers can now be ordered easily over the Internet and delivered anywhere in Quebec or anywhere in the world. 

Keep up traditions

Your mother will surely be moved to see that you carry your family's traditions onto your own children. Send her a picture or video of your children in a place that is meaningful to you both, or doing an activity you were doing with her when you were little: holiday decorations, cooking her cookie recipe or playing a game that appealed to her especially when you were a child. These are all links that bind you to your mom, and she certainly will be touched.



Secretly join the party!

You heard that your mom is being taken out to her favorite restuarant? Call and pay ahead to have her favourite drink or dessert sent to her as a sweet surprise from you!

Gift cards

Receiving a gift card can also be very appreciated by your mother, who will be able to choose her present, be it a book, a beauty product or clothing. These include Renaud-Bray bookstores, superstores or pharmacy chains found in most cities in Quebec, or online stores accessible everywhere, such as iTunes for a musical gift. She will love this!

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