Countdown to Halloween!

Your children have been talking about Halloween for a while: what will they wear, how will they dress up, what kind of party will it be, at home, in school? This year, it will surely be different than usual, but it should be celebrated nonetheless!

Let’s party!

Are we going to decorate the house? How? And we must have Jack-o-lanterns! Enthusiasm, excitement and eagerness are in the air and you have many things to do. From deciding, finding or making the costume to a special dinner and candy bags, Halloween is a very important event!


You have several options for your children’s costumes. First, you must know what character or what style your child would like to wear. Keep in mind that their costume must be practical and safe:

  • Warm enough, in case the evening would be cold;
  • Not too long because they will have to walk a lot;
  • Make-up is always better than masks because it does not restrict vision;
  • Above all, avoid dark colors because they must be visible.

You can also choose a family costume: everyone wears a costume in the same theme! And parents can dress up too! If you are a seamstress or if you are good with thread and needles, you can visit the many fabric stores and make your own costume.

DIYers can also create something of their own design using recycled items and some craft supplies.

Many magazines, websites, and stores suggest DIY templates and instructions for creating original costumes inexpensively. And for parents who do not have time, talent or inclination to engage in such projects, you can always buy costumes for a reasonable price. Costumes usually cost between $15 and $40 and if you have many children, you can always reuse them with the youngest. You can also lend it to other members of your family and to friends. By exchanging costumes, you make your purchase more profitable.

For toddlers

Is your child less than two years old and you wonder if it is a good idea to take them trick or treating? It all depends on you and your child! If your toddler is sociable, if they like to go out and if the weather is nice, why not? It should not last too long but knocking on a few doors could amuse them.

With shy children or if the evening is really cold, just dress them up and give out candies to children who come to your door together. It is a fun way to spend Halloween for a toddler.

For children, Halloween is just as magical as Christmas! Therefore, preparations are very important. Choosing pumpkins with the whole family to celebrate on October 31 is a fun and affordable way to make your kids happy! Leave in the morning, bring a picnic and set off in search of THE pumpkin that will make them happy. Many farms give you the possibility to choose your pumpkin and pick it yourself. It is nice to see children in a field full of pumpkins too!

Back home, you can look at various templates for your jack-o-lantern. You can also design it yourself! However, you should not carve it too early because it will rot before October 31. Carve it 10 days before Halloween at most.

In the house

Once you have planned your jack-o-lanterns, you can decorate the rest of the house. Decorate the hall with drawings, candles, figurines, banners or any other item that you can create or buy. Dollar stores are great places to buy all kinds of little things. Remember to place other things outside the house too so that your little jack-o-lantern does not look lonely.

Without going overboard, you can add a few items such as hay, leaves, dried corn or pumpkins of various sizes (without necessarily carving them). You can also use pumpkin bags that are sold at big box stores and fill it with leaves. That is yet another activity with the whole family.

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