Getting ready for Halloween!

Children deeply enjoy trick-or-treating and Halloween. This year, it will be different than usual, but we can still celebrate with decorations, costumes and candy at home! Here’s how to get ready for this unique celebration in five steps!


Because our children are hoping to collect yummy Halloween treats they’ll love, let’s make an effort and buy “good” treats too! Forget the candy that nobody wants and that will sit in the bowl for months... buy popular treats! After all, you'll eat some of them too!


Because the popular costumes are the first to go, it is safer to go shopping early in October to find THE best costume for your child. Superstores, pharmacies, and even temporary stores sell dozens of costumes. From the simplest to the most eccentric. You will probably choose according to your budget since your child will grow out of it and want a new one next year!


It’s as if pumpkins were meant to be carved and used as Halloween decoration! With the right tools, you can turn them into masterpieces! Don’t forget to take a lot of pictures, by day and by night! To make the fun last, choose smaller pumpkins and carve more than one!


Skeletons, spider webs, ghosts and haunted houses are most appropriate for this unique night of sweet fears. Whether with homemade or purchased decorations, turn your house into a haunted castle to set the mood! You can do great things with a small budget or keep items from year to year like you do with Christmas decorations!

If you want to be original this year, check out our 7 new ideas for Halloween!

Special menu

Read 13 ideas for Halloween dishes and write down the ingredients. When Halloween comes, you will be ready for a spooky meal with the kids! Halloween is a fun way to celebrate with the whole family! Regardless of their age, everyone can participate and have fun!

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