7 ideas for Halloween

Halloween is surely already a must for your family, but there's no harm in adopting new traditions! Here are 7 original Halloween idea's to spruce it up this year!

Inside job

Make the fun last and start trick or treating in a mall in the morning. Shop attendants usually have candies for your little monsters. Do you want a tip? Choose a small neighborhood mall instead of a huge shopping centre. That's where you will find generous shop owners because they don’t expect as many people.

Eek-o-friendly Halloween

Have an eco-friendly Halloween by following Lisa Borden’s advice. She will give you smarter decoration, costumes and treats ideas. After all, Halloween is about old mansions and dust, not brand new and plastic. (And the kids will still be happy and full of sugar).

No more candies?

We don’t mean to ban Halloween candies (that would be really unfair) but we like the idea of giving little surprises instead: play dough, mini card decks, stickers, crayons, glow-in-the-dark bracelets, juices, erasers, etc. Keep a few around for toddlers who will ring at your door (the older kids will want candies for sure). Also, those sugar-free treats ideas will please educators and teachers who are looking for healthy (or at least, healthier!) alternatives.

A new kind of pumpkin

Engrave an inscription, color them and add accessories to your plastic pumpkin: you will find everything you need to make your Halloween decor completely unique and original in dollar stores. In addition, as these are fake pumpkins, you’ll be able to reuse them year after year and create a nice collection for yourself!

Viva squash

Choose to decorate your house with an assortment of squash and pumpkins and kill two birds with one stone. Instead of carving it, arrange it with citrus peels, vegetables (carrot nose, mushroom ears, etc.) and “nature” elements (branches, leaves, bark, etc.). That way, on November 1st, you can make soups, muffins or pies with your decorations!

Special Lunch

Halloween is on a Tuesday this year, but that shouldn't ruin the fun! You can fully enjoy it by organizing a pre-Halloween party with kids and grown-ups over the weekend (if you dare!)… On the menu: Scary yet delicious appetizers… For recipes and party ideas, read our article 13 ideas for Halloween dishes.

Treat bags

Buy a cloth bag for each of your children that will become THEIR official Halloween bag for years to come. Write the year, costume and a little anecdote on it every year and it will become their cool Halloween journal.

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