10 free family activities


In most cities, parks will show a free presentation of a recent family movie at different dates during the summer. So bring your blanket and some treats and enjoy the experience of watching a movie under the stars with your kids!

Public library

You have library cards long forgotten in your wallet? Get the children ready to spend a day with their nose deep in books! Take the time to find a great book to borrow that you can read together and discuss afterwards!


Summer is the season of Festivals in Quebec! Several festivals around the province are completely or partially free and most offer free family activities like inflatable structures, entertainment and face painting. Guaranteed fun for all ages! Check your town activities booklet to see the festivals and events planned in your area this summer!


You want to make your kids discover the wonderful world of culture? Several museums around the province have collections or even permanent or temporary expositions completely free!


At the Center of interpretation of electricity presented by Hydro-Quebec and located in the Monteregie region, you can learn about the joys of electricity with completely free-guided tours. Several interactive activities and informative videos also provide information about various topics related to electricity. If you live in a different region of Quebec, visit the Hydro-Quebec website to see the different plants, dams and other facilities across Quebec that offer free guided tours.

The beach

Spending the day at the beach is always a hit with the entire family and you can find several beaches in Quebec that are completely free. Park your car in the surrounding streets to avoid parking fees and bring your sand toys, floaters and other beach accessories to keep you entertained during the day. Remember the cooler filled with food and refreshments!


A great way to encourage our economy in addition to being a great opportunity to teach our kids about agriculture, visit one or more farms to learn how farmers take care of their animals or their crops and how they make a living. Several farms even offer free samples of their products to enjoy.


There are many paths for hiking all across the Quebec! Even a simple stroll in the park can be a great free activity for the whole family. Why not fill up your picnic basket and enjoy a nice lunch under the sun!

Bike riding

Everyone loves to bike ride! Strap on your helmets, grab some cold water bottles and head out into your neighborhood to enjoy a nice long bike ride with your family. Completely free and relaxing too! 

Camping in the backyard

You love camping but your budget doesn’t allow you to go on the road this summer? Why not set up the tent in the garden and organize a camping themed weekend? It encourages the children to stay outside and you can spend quality time with them just enjoying each other’s company!

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