Sun, fun and imagination outdoors: 10 awesome activities for toddlers

Check out our 10 fun outdoor activities that both toddlers and parents can share and do together


Playing frisbee

The Frisbee is a classic. It's one of those simple things that can be used for loads of different activities, and it can be used to teach kids how to throw, while developing their tiny muscles. You can also add empty boxes or cans to the mix and use them as targets for your Frisbee.

Hula hooping

Hula hoops are more than just a one-trick pony. Sure, you can try to see how long you can keep it spinning around your hips—but you can also race hoops by rolling them with branches or put them on the ground and use them as goals by having the kids throw balls in them.


Bust out the sidewalk chalk and get your kids drawing a hopscotch game on the ground with as numbered boxes as their hearts desire. Then get them to gather up a few small stones before introducing them to the pleasures of the game's many variants.


Blowing soap bubbles

Soap bubbles are always a hit with toddlers, giving them hours just blowing bubbles and popping them with joy. You can also turn it into a fun contest like who can blow the biggest bubble. Click here for some easy recipes to make homemade soap bubbles at home.

Playing bean toss

Bean toss games are a breeze to make. Simply take an empty cardboard box or an old bed sheet hanging from a clothesline and cut holes in them big enough to throw beanbags or balls through.

Simon says

Simon says... try Simon Says with your children! You can start by being Simon to get the ball rolling, but then let each of the kids take turns leading the game with their own instructions.

Marco Polo

In this classic take on hide-and-seek, one child covers his or her eyes and tries to find friends around the pool by calling out “Marco,” to which the friends have to reply “Polo,” so the seeker can follow the sound of their voices and catch them.



A little bit of wind never ruined anybody's fun—just grab a kite and watch it twirl and fly across the sky!

Play tag

There's just something about running after others and screaming “you're it!” that makes kids go wild. For parents, it costs nothing and it lets your children expend some extra energy while having the time of their lives.

Butterfly and bug hunting

Get some small plastic containers with tiny holes for ventilation, and send the kids out into the backyard to explore nature with magnifying glasses and nets for catching butterflies or bugs.

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