10 activities for babies and toddlers

When you are not hugging them and pampering them, here are 10 activities to amuse your babies who don’t have that many ideas yet!

Balloons and balls

Very early, a child can appreciate a beautiful balloon floating in the air. When they get older, these balloons will still be appreciated during birthdays but as a toy, they can be replaced by a softball that they can catch and roll or throw.


A mirror is an exceptional source of entertainment for two reasons: in it, your baby is a star and they control the program they are watching. Smile, pull faces and show your teeth! Your baby will laugh a lot, learn to socialize and you can watch their cute little face as much as you want.

From peek-a-boo to Hunt and Seek

Peek-a-boo mommy!!!” Babies love this game. Where they are little, they are satisfied with our hands to cover our face but little by little, they understand the trick and prefer a blanket. As they will get to know the game, they will hide too, as subtly as an elephant behind a tree. Later, you can hide objects under the blanket or buy a Hunt and Seek.


Even the youngest children who can barely stand up love to bend their knees and move their arms to the sound of music. For newborns, dancing allows to touch their mom and move gently just like in their mother’s womb. For older children, dancing is a great way to use up some energy, get a sense of rhythm, learn coordination and have fun.


Whether at the park or in the snow, sliding is a great way to get some fresh air and have fun with your toddler. At the park, you can also use the swings that are designed for babies.

A pocket full of posies

Toddlers will appreciate any nursery rhyme that includes gestures. Do you remember songs from your childhood? Now is the time to pass them along and remember why you loved these songs so much.

Hide and seek

As soon as a child walks, they love hide and seek. It is funny and it is hard not to burst out laughing when someone comes close. For many children, hide and seek is the best game on Earth.


Toddlers who are able to run will love to catch you. Play tag and let them win a lot but act as though you are really trying so they can appreciate the game. They will be proud to be much better at this game than you are despite all your efforts!

Make sounds

« Beep! Beeeeep!» Pointing to a picture book, find fire trucks, police cars, and animals and make the sounds. They will copy you and learn new words or names at the same time.

Car races

If your child has little cars, they will be happy to play on homemade tracks. Use books, cardboard boxes or folders and build the most wonderful roads. You can also play with their blocks and figurines and let them create a story!

Image de Anne Costisella

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