Having fun on a rainy day!

A Sandy Dinosaur


  • Fine and dry sand
  • Newspaper (to limit the mess!)
  • Construction paper or cardboard
  • Crayons
  • Glue


  • Draw a landscape on the cardboard or construction paper.
  • Draw one or many dinosaurs on your scenery.
  • Ask your child to add glue onto the dinosaurs only.
  • Sprinkle sand onto the dinosaur drawings.
  • Blow softly onto the paper to remove the left over sand and drop it onto the newspaper.
The Potato Family


  • Potatoes
  • Clothes pins
  • Glue
  • Nature objects (twigs, leaves, shells, grass, etc.)


  • Choose regular size potatoes. Wash them and dry them well.
  • Cut a small part of a potato so it can stand on its own.
  • Decorate your potato by dressing him up with your “nature” objects. Use glue or baby pins to make your costume.
Leaves on Paper


  • Tree leaves
  • Paint and paint brushes
  • Sheets of paper


  • Collect different types of leaves with your child. Make sure to keep leafstalk.
  • Paint one of the leaves.
  • Place the painted leaf face down on the sheet of paper. Press delicately without moving the leaf.
  • Pull off the leaf and admire your work of art!
Life in miniature


  • A magnifying glass
  • A rope


  • Place the rope on the ground to trace a path
  • Ask your child to follow the rope on hands and knees with his magnifying glass and tell you what he sees.


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