Having fun on a rainy day!


Buy large sheets of cardboard and glue them together to make a giant mural. Brainstorm with your children on a theme you could use to decorate the cardboard. Your children can decorate, make a collage, cut out shapes from construction paper, etc. Once inspired by a theme, your children should be busy for quite some time and who knows, they might just help you decorate the basement!


A rainy day may discourage you from going outdoor camping, but what about indoors? Unfold the tent and install it inside the house! Even though it may become a little crowded, remind yourself that the hours of fun your children will have will compensate for the trouble of tidying everything up afterwards. Really go all the way with the theme by playing with a compass! A great way to end the day is with a night of storytelling around the “camp fire”.

A ton of game ideas!
The pirate’s treasure chest


  • Small envelopes or small containers with lids;
  • Natural “treasures”: stones, flowers, petals, sea shells, branches, etc.;
  • A sand pit;
  • A small shovel


  • Make small packages in which you will hide a treasure. Hide them in the sand pit or inside the house.
  • Ask your little pirate to go search for the treasures.
  • Open the treasure chest with your little one and ask him to touch and manipulate the object. This could be a great way to teach your child about the fragility of certain objects.
Little Curious Hands


  • An empty box of tissues
  • 6 objects: 2 sea shells, 2 pine cones, 2 stones


  • Place a series of objects in the box. Keep the plastic lid to hide the objects.
  • Present the other objects to your child by placing them in front of him.
  • Talk about the characteristics of each object with your little one.
  • Let your child manipulate each object.
  • Next, ask him/her to find each object in the box only by touching them (he should not see them!).
Nature Bath


  • Fine herbs or favourite scented flowers (rosemary, thyme, mint, rose, etc.)
  • A piece of fine tissue or a coffee filter


  • Gather leaves, petals or flowers.
  • Place everything in a coffee filter or small sachet and close it.
  • Throw the sachet into the bath water and enjoy!
The Lost Leaf


  • Leaves from different trees


  • Present one leaf at a time to your child and ask him which tree has lost a leaf
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