Comforting activities for all

At the beginning of winter, when we’re dreaming of the long summer days, it’s always good to find comforting activities to warm us up... both physically and emotionally!

The summer vacation is still far away, our agenda is overloaded and we realize that we haven’t kept our good resolutions. When patience fails and you just need to let go, it’s time for a comforting activity.

With a newborn

Take a massage class. This way, you’ll also learn to relax.

With a little one

Visit your local library for story time! Follow up by strolling around the library. Bring a snack, a security blanket and the stroller. If you child falls asleep, you’ll be able to go through the rows at your pace.

Play your favourite board game. There are many board games for kids under 5 years old. Introduce your little one to the fun of board games and forget about your own little worries at the same time!

With the entire family

Prepare a fondue, raclette or hot onion soup. A special treat to warm up both the heart and the body! And why not lower the lights and add a few candles to create a cozy atmosphere, ideal for sharing confidences and getting closer.

Choose a theme for your meal. Dare to choose an exotic theme for your evening. Have an Hawaiian party or Mexican night in the middle of January ! Borrow a few books on the chosen country from your local library to get to know it better

Have a hot chocolate tasting. Here’s a treat with calming virtues… at every age!

Have a pyjama day. Everyone stays in their pjs and slippers, and declare this day the “International laziness day”!


Treat yourself to a hot stones massage. Or any other spa treatment. The relaxing effect will bring you into a state of pure well-being and make you forget about the bad day you were having... until then!

Take a long bath. Warn everyone in the house that you don’t want to be disturbed and lock yourself in the bathroom. Bubbles, scented candles, sweet oils, it’s all up to you !

Organize photo albums or start scrapbooking. Organizing our memories is usually soothing. We remember the good times and our heart magically feels lighter.

Take a nap. Napping allows you to recharge your batteries and be more energetic throughout the rest of the day. Take advantage of your children’s naptime to slip under the covers yourself! The household chores can wait.

Learn to knit. Repetitive manual activities allow you to get rid of stress and dark thoughts. Once you’ve learned the basics, it’s a hobby that will calm you down and give you time to think about your other little projects, all while you’re making a colourful scarf!

With your spouse

Go to the movies. Make the fun last longer by ending the night with a long walk, and stop for a sweet treat in a little cafe..

Plan a trip. Get the books out and surf the web. Make a list of what you would like to do. It’s a great way to travel from the comfort of your home ! It’s definitely a cheap way to escape ! If you have an interest for traveling but don’t have the budget for it, check out the many conferences given by experienced travelers from around the globe.

Become choco-maniacs. Visit a chocolate factory, make a chocolate-themed dinner, enjoy a chocolate fondue and let the smell take over your senses!

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