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Wedding photography demystified

Classic. This style hasn’t changed for years but it is still very present on the market. You will be offered places with complex lines and simple composition that will never go out of style. You will pose while details of the composition will be taken care of. Using the flash is common and this is what gives it the “professional” look. You can expect a delivery in prints instead of a DVD although every photographer makes his own choices.

Photojournalism. This style, very popular, is not always easy to master and very few succeed. It makes it rarer, therefore more expensive but it is totally worth it. This photographic style barely stops the action and captures the moments as seen. The frames are varied and angular, modern. Using ambient light in alliance with various artificial lightings, this style is very technical but gives unique results. This type of photography makes your memories unique and wonderful.

Creative-fine art. This style is also very interesting as it allows a bit of madness in your day. Often favouring the use of natural light, clean and simple compositions and a soft and diffused light give a very romantic aspect and a light atmosphere to your session. This type of photography will give you memories of preparation, ceremony and love worthy of the princess of your dreams.

For this step, I always tell my clients that it is love at first sight that really matters. It is better, in my opinion, to get the smallest package of your favorite photographer than the biggest and so-so package of a cheaper one. Those memories will last forever while your cake will quickly go away. I am not saying that you should invest your entire budget in photography but keep in mind that your pictures and the album made by your photographer will remain the only physical evidence of this important day.

Congratulations on your engagement or that of your best friend! 

Isabelle Paille

Isabelle was surrounded by creativity for most of her childhood. Her father was a photographer and her mother an artist. For Isabelle, beauty stems from pleasure, complicity, imperfection, a mischievous moment, a look that forgot about the camera… She believes that anyone can enjoy photography and improve their technique with a few tips. Isabelle writes a blog featuring photographs and their story. She also exhibits her most beautiful pictures by theme. You can reach her at 514-776-7888 or

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