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Wedding photography demystified

Every year, almost 18,000 weddings are celebrated in the Greater Montreal area. Some are civilian, some are religious, some are small and some are big. Imagine the picture! 

What matters the most is that YOUR wedding is the most beautiful and that it is to your image. To make sure of that, I made a list of frequently asked questions and I gave you my humble opinion on the matter. Being married myself, I have been through this amazing journey and because I have been a wedding photographer for many years, I hope to be able to demystify the wedding photography and to help you find your own photographer or your best friend’s if your wedding already took place!

When should you choose a wedding photographer?

Choose your photographer at best one year in advance and if it is impossible, 6 months in advance, to allow you to choose the best. Some dates and moments of the year are more popular like Labour Day, which is very busy. Also, fall is gaining popularity and we see more and more weddings during that season. This delay may seem long but it will give you plenty of time to negotiate, without pressure, the best photographer for you and will ensure that your favorite photographer is not busy on your date.

How to choose?

Draw a list of what is important to you. Ideally, make a list each and put them together afterwards because usually the future husbands who love technology will have different photographic concerns, requests and desires than the future bride. This list will help you determine your basic needs and the needs that you are willing to negotiate. A good way to find a photographer that is good for you is to ask around, as a reference is always good. If you type “wedding photographer” and your city in Google, you will also find a list of photographers and their portfolio. Do you want to know what I would do? Look for blogs. On those, you will find a short written description of the photographer’s weddings and you will get an idea of what a day of work can give as a result.

The prints, the album, a DVD, what should I choose?

All photographers have their own recipe. More and more photographers will accept to give you a DVD of the best photographs of the day. Some will give you printing rights while others will want you to ask them to print your precious memories. In my opinion, the album is a wonderful and essential tool to ensure proper conservation and sustainability of your memories.

About the price

The average rate of a photographer for a day varies between $2,000 and $3,000. Does it seem expensive? Here are some guidelines that could enlighten you. Besides spending time with you on the day of the wedding, your photographer has invested in his equipment, in his computer, has a drive to stock your photos, advertised, bought insurance and built his portfolio. He takes the time to meet you, answers your requests and questions and often makes an engagement session (a session before the wedding to get to know you). Your photographer will select, archive, classify, retouch, calibrate and transfer in black and white every picture taken during your big day. He will burn a CD, write a post on his blog and maybe make a slideshow and an album. All these steps take a lot more time than what he spent with you! In addition to his talent and his training, your photographer will bring a nice touch to your day but the price must allow him to continue his training and to buy better equipment to offer you an even better service! And don’t forget taxes. Self-employed workers pay it too!

There are many styles, which one will suit you?

How to choose between classic, journalistic or creative? Look at the online portfolios of your favorite photographers. Some similarities may guide you to your personal taste. Ask those you choose to meet about their approach, their work philosophy, their equipment, their training, their experience and so many questions that will enlighten you in what you prefer. Still, here is a little summary of the different styles:

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