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In the very religious Fifties, the role of the godfather and the godmother was more distant because the religion was already very present in every other sphere of life, says abbot Boyer. Today, this role is somewhat more highlighted without being played well. That is because the beliefs have faded. “When your want baptism for your children, the least you could do is believe in it”, says Chantal Dauray, author of Réinventez vos cérémonies, fêtes et rituels, (Reinvent your ceremonies, parties and rituals) and founder of

She says parents choose baptism in respect for tradition. Because they are told that they must choose godparents, they do so. Yet very few parents make sure that these two persons are dedicated to disclose the beauty of Christianity to their child.

There may be, between total indifference and total deference to God, a happy medium. Because, like Father Boyer says, “Parents want to throw a baptismal party to introduce the child to the rest of the family, to celebrate human values…”; “There are pagan festivals to welcome baby into the world”, continues Mrs. Dauray.

And you can even name a couple of godparents, she says, adding that they will act more as mentors and guides, especially in the key moments of the child’s life.

« The fact of not having replaced the baptism with other rituals is a great loss to me…” she says.

Did you know that the position of godfather and godmother also exist in Judaism? During the Bar Mitzvah, when the teenager reaches his religious maturity, the sponsor supports the latter in his reading of the Torah.
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