The cutest baby shower themes

You just heard the best news! Your best friend, your sister, or a cousin is pregnant! The bump is barely there but you already love her baby with all your heart. Now its time to give them the best baby shower ever.

The hunger games

Can you guess how many diapers can fit in a diaper bag? Can you tell exactly how big the future mom’s belly is? Can you guess puree flavors? Are you the fastest to change a doll’s diaper? Who will find the worst name this baby could have? Invent games and name a winner!

We want candy!

Wrap balloons in cellophane to make giant lollipops, do the same with carton plates for wall candies. Put washable diapers, bodysuits, and washcloths in paper cones and make your best fruit punch and candy kebabs to satisfy the future mom’s sweet tooth. You can also order a diaper cake!

Haute Couture

Trendy moms will love a fashion-oriented shower! Cocktail dresses, chic cakes, and glamorous accessories will make this shower perfect!  Every guest must bring an embellished bodysuit improved with accessories, patches, letters, and drawings to organize a baby fashion show during the shower. It will give her something to think about when she is with her baby. If one guest has a great camera, you can even prepare a photo shoot!

Your childhood

Dressed like your favourite childhood hero, bring your favourite board game and meet up with Cinderella, Batman, Supergirl and Alice in Wonderland to play! Decorate the party as a regular child’s party to make it a practice for what’s coming for the celebrated mom-to-be!

By the sea

Stripes, navy blue, aquamarine, anchors and, boats always give beautiful results, especially if your friend is expecting a boy! Plus, you can hide cute little-striped clothes everywhere!


For the future mom who will have plenty of time to read after feeding her baby (and in the middle of the night!), a literature shower is an excellent idea! Buy baby books, classics of literature, make a book pages garland and put together a menu that looks like a novel. You can also get inspired by the adventures of her favorite character. If you have time, you can ask the guests to write little stories that concern the future mom and put them together as a gift!


Babies are brought to their mom by storks… everyone knows that! And several shops sell the cutest storks decorations. Prepare little bundles with washable diapers and fill them with surprises, baby creams and treats! You can also read about all the stories that people used to tell to avoid telling children how babies were made...


If the mom-to-be is lucky enough to be pregnant during the summer, celebrate in a yard or in the countryside. Prepare a table with a shelter to protect her delicate skin from the sun, serve fruits and healthy foods and place flowers everywhere so that the baby can feel the serenity of their mom and get some fresh air.


You will hear about milk a lot in the next few months and the future mom will soon find out about all the breastfeeding or bottle-feeding dilemma. To prepare her and because we love the look of it, organize a milkaholic party! Welcome your guests with milk and cookies, prepare milky desserts, decorate with cow patterns and give her breastfeeding accessories or bottles as gifts.


To talk about our planet to the baby who will soon inhabit it, prepare a globetrotter shower with recipes from around the globe, exotic decorations, a journal to help the future mom keep track of everything and write down her stories and design a fake passport for baby!

Image de Anne Costisella

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