Is he a good father?

When you think about the father of your child, you imagine a man you can rely on but who doesn’t get in the way. He would be a kind but strong man, someone modern and effective. But who is he really?

Many moms like to supervise the father of their child. They help him plan healthy meals, they remind him to drive safely and they wonder if he will be okay when they go out. It is a fact that mothers aim for perfection! They want everything to run smoothly and they don’t want their kids to miss anything when they are gone.

But why do mothers do that? Fathers are there from the beginning. They witness their child’s birth, cut the cord, change diapers, give baths and sing lullabies. When they were young, they had parents too. They didn’t play with dolls but they experienced their very own childhood… So why don’t we let them share that childhood of theirs with their own child?

A feminine world

Mothers bear their child and give birth. They have a year off to take care of their baby and they feel a very instinctive connexion with the whole process of giving life and raising children. Some authors compare moms with wolves because they protect their siblings and find it difficult to share them with the male. It is a natural reflex and children are lucky to have such a great person to love them and worry about their well-being.

However, that behaviour can dampen their relationship with the father. Moms were ready for a long time with their recipes, baby gadgets and leaflets and yet, here he comes, HIM, with his strange ways. To be honest, before baby arrived, most moms didn’t realize that he would be there at all.

The importance of being different

Fathers are not like us. They don’t always pay attention to details, they don’t dress children like we would, they are a bit rude and don’t always mind their language. But does it matter? Isn’t that the very reason why we fell in love in the first place?

If that difference turned our couple into something so strong that we wanted to have children, isn’t it something that we want to share with our kids. To use modern terms, why would we cut and paste a Mom file to delete the Dad file.

If a dad is not as sweet and affectionate he remains a source of happiness for his children. He is more physical, loves to fight, throws balls, runs… He often finds better ideas too. For example, he can turn your cute blanket fort into a hostile land where enemies wait for the kids. Other times, that modern hero can even kills spiders with his bare-hands.

He puts things in perspective too and when he does, he makes us feel better because he is right: a little bit of paint on a t-shirt and a gummy bear before dinner are not the end of the world. In short, instead of being a second mom, he wants to be a good dad and that’s why he is amazing.

These dads are a great source of entertainment for our kids and if they tell us that we are bossy and obnoxious, maybe we should give them some more room.

If you are a single mom and miss that masculine presence, why don’t you ask your best friend or your brother over? It will give you a break and it will give your children an opportunity to play games that you would not allow otherwise like spying on neighbours and annoying the cat.

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