Ear infections

Did you know that using a bottle or a pacifier for a long time can cause otitis? There are many bad habits that can trigger an infection. When otitis is recurrent or when antibiotics are ineffective, some liquid can build up in the ear. 

That liquid is usually drained out naturally but it may be necessary for a specialist (ENT) to insert a tube in your child’s ear. It is a short and efficient intervention. But we prefer to avoid it… if you know what I mean!

Second hand smoke is detrimental to the Eustachian tube and delays healing.
  • Acute: middle ear infection lasting 7 to 14 days in general.
  • Chronic: middle ear infection that persists for more than 6 weeks or that is recurrent.
  • Serous otitis: accumulation of liquid in the middle ear, without any signs of acute infection. Studies have demonstrated that children living in houses where parents smoke are 4 times more at risk than children living in a smoke free environment.

Make sure your child drinks a lot while suffering from a middle ear infection. If your child is older, you can give him sugar-free gum to chew. By swallowing frequently, the Eustachian tubes will get rid of excess liquid or mucus and it will help balance the pressure inside the ear.

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