Baby mementos

Photos: in this digital age, it’s simple, convenient and cheap to keep pictures of your child while they are growing up! You should invest in a good camera that allows you to print the date and create personalized pictures, and most of all, to get high-quality pictures. The software provided with the camera usually offers different options like slideshows, commentaries, image correction, etc.

Your photos should be kept on CD (one copy stored in a safe place) and on photopaper (you want to see the pictures!) to keep your memories for years to come! The photo must-haves: birth, family members, first room, house, Santa, Halloween, zoo outings, etc.

Baby of the year: every year, La Presse offers to print your baby's picture in a special edition dedicated to the babies that were born that year! Furthermore, pictures are posted and archived on Motherforlife.com, so it doubles the fun! It’s a beautiful souvenir to keep, and costs about $40. You can also buy a small ad with a picture published a few weeks after your child’s birth.

Tooth and hair: you can keep their first milk tooth and a strand of hair! Either in a small container you made – scrapbooking is popular after all – or by buying a kit in gift stores (add this to your wish list). Your child will be happy to look at these relics from their past.

Items to keep
  • Hospital bracelet
  • Umbilical cord (many people do it)
  • Birth and christening announcements
  • Favourite plush toy
  • Blankie (even if all torn and patched!)
  • Hospital pyjamas
  • First shoes
  • Christening gown
  • First Halloween costume
  • Letters to Santa
  • Pictures
  • Art
Your ideas

"As a souvenir for my 2 girls, I kept their first bank statement from when they opened their first account. I kept each of them in a different box so they could see how much they put in it over time." - Iza

Do you have good ideas on how to keep mementos? Did you keep something original? Let us know!

Image de Sonia Cosentino

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