Professional photography advice to take good pictures of your child

They were born, they grew up and then, one day, you realized that they are not babies anymore! It is a good thing that photography exists to remind us of the evolution of our children!

One of the most popular photo categories in studios and at my office is the category that I call family, which includes maternity, newborn babies, childhood, and the family as such.

During the last decade, studios Magenta allowed the return of the popular “studio” photography to replace the traditional Sears format that the previous generation had known. This modernization opened the way to many other studios and to photographers who, like me, appreciate the natural light in photography to improve the image of traditional family photography, whether we talk about maternity, newborn babies or family pictures.

Today, there are as many styles as there are photographers and it is increasingly easy, with your digital camera and a few tips, to organize a little home session.

This article aims to give you a few technical and creative advices to capture the evolution of your growing baby (and your other children too!) by grasping, every week if you want to, tiny pieces of time transposed in pixel memory.

This week
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